Xiaomi: Presentation of the First Smartwatch on August 25?

Long Xiaomi is said the Chinese manufacturer, to work on an own Smartwatch, with regard to the date of presentation, only inaccurate information so far however were us before. Should the rumors come true, the wearable could be presented now on August 25, at last.

With the MI band, MI band 1s and MI volume 2 could be Xiaomi in Europe back many fans who attacked mainly due to the lower prices to the fitness trackers from the far East. But although the models cost less than 20 euros, she persuaded in this country with a high quality and a wide range of functions. The expectations of the first Smartwatch by Xiaomi, we will have to face on August 24 maybe are not exactly low. These stipulate at least some users of the Chinese social networks Sina Weibo.

High price suggested

So far many details about them were known before the launch of most products by Xiaomi is this time different. Apart from the fact that the Smartwatch probably will have a circular display, we know very little. Although, it can be assumed that the manufacturer will put on its own Android -based operating system, tangible information got but not to the public.

Only when the price, are all well-known analysts agree–as low as expected, the Smartwatch by Xiaomi won’t be out probably. In the room, approx. 134 euro pricesare now what is likely to make an import pretty unattractive. Finally, there are cheap models with Android Wear for much money to buy.