Why Apple Watch Will Also Benefit Swiss Watch Manufacturers

In the last few days I’ve been reading the opinions that had clocks on the Apple Watch lovers. It’s people that they have several years dedicated to the analysis of wrist watches, usually focused on the higher ranges.

It is curious how this world is very similar to ours. In the comments are discussing about brands and models with the same passion that we do with smartphones and operating systems. It may not be so different from us.

One of the biggest blogs specialized in watches is the Ariel Adams, A blog to watch. Adams was one of the people invited to the event of presentation of Apple Watch of the month of September. Let us remember that this keynote, the Cupertino company invited not only to people from the world of technology but also in the world of fashion and watches.

I think that your opinion is very valuable. Adams brings the point of view of a person that is very involved in the insider of the industry both the enjoyment of mechanical and automatic watches watch. It carries more than seven years in contact with big brands, which gives you a very interesting opinion. Let’s take a look at what he thinks of the Watch.

Dedication for a good watch

In this article from A blog to watch, Adams has his personal experience with the clock from Apple (the time that was testing it after the keynote). Then we have some of her remarks about her physical appearance:

It turns out that I like the design of the Apple Watch], but that’s because I’m not comparing it with the beauty of the high Swiss watch brands. That said, Apple Watch is the most amazing fusion of a traditional clock and electronics I’ve ever seen.
Compared with an attractive sports steel Rolex watch, a plastic screen smartwatch seems a toy cheap. And in a sense it is. Suddenly, Apple Watch has risen the level with a smartwatch of steel, aluminum and gold.
Apple engineers and designers have been researching with care the traditional watch industry to learn about watches. […] The result is incredible when we look at the details of the Apple Watch. Even the back side of sensors is designed to look like that have mechanical clocks transparent.

Although at the moment we just have information about your software and features, I think it is clear that the Apple Watch is not a whim of Tim Cook, Jony Ive and his team. The amount of effort and dedication poured in the little that we have been able to see over it, is an example of this.

Aitor Carbajo told us yesterday that TAG Heuer was concerned by the advance of the smartwatches. Thus, the question is the following: is the Watch a threat to the centuries-old watch industry?

Apple Watch will return to life to watch manufacturers

The Swiss watch industry should be scared, but also excited somehow. Brands spend millions and millions of dollars in marketing each year so that the public perceives the existence of luxury watches, as well as their products.

One of the keys here. The smartwatches in general and the Watch in particular will make people be set again in what we have on the wrist. That brief period in which our wrists were free could come to an end in 2015.

The watch industry has been going through one of their worst periods, with annual sales of double-digit falls. The main culprit was that the smartphone left do need a watch to know the time. The Watch It will make us come back to ask questions of the type “What is that worn on the wrist?”; “It’s not an Apple Watch” or “Is not a smartwatch”; “Do I want one?” and “Would need to bring one?”.

Talk about smart watches get into the conversation to Swiss watches

These are questions that will return to breathe life into the market of watches. Thanks to the approach of Apple and other technology companies, the market of the watch as a whole could return to grow at the rate that increases the interest in the.

Of course, there may be a few manufacturers who rejoice more than others. So mentioned in blogs as mentioned at the beginning of this article, the basic Watch for $349 It offers a much higher level of detail, materials and finishing (regardless of the operating system) to what offer watchmaking brands with much more experience in that price range.

We always say that a Watch will not replace our mechanical and automatic watches. And it is true. But the growth of the market also will attract people not so interested in the romance and emotions associated with a clock of this type. It is not, rather than wait to see what happens at the beginning of 2015.