“We Have Spent Three Years Working on The Apple Watch”: Vogue Speaks with Jonathan Ive

The fashion magazine Vogue has recently interviewed Jonathan Ive, Head of design of hardware and software at Apple, focusing on the process of creation of the Apple Watch. Article focuses enough in the way of being and in the history of Ive, although some details interesting.

For example, that Apple Watch has been in development for three years. That means that in Cupertino began thinking about the clock just after the death of Steve Jobs, and it is therefore the first terminal that did not already have the guides who co-founded Apple with Steve Wozniak.

For Vogue, Apple Watch is a device that may like “Although not like devices”

He also says that Apple Watch has pushed the Cupertino company to adapt to a market that had always grazed: fashion and accessories. We have gone to see an Apple purely technological aplicndo influences in fashion from afar to celebrate events in clothing stores and accessories, with the most reputable authorities from the world of fashion in Paris.

This, along which Ive and other Vice-Presidents they have gained more prominence with Tim Cook on the throne of CEO, has made that the designer is much more relevant now that we must compete with the market of watches.