WatchKit Reveals The Resolutions of Apple Watch and Its Dependence on The IPhone

After the font itself, continue gathering important details of the Apple Watch. Here is something that many expected: their resolution. The screen of the small model will be of 272 x 340 pixels While the large model will have 312 x 390 pixels.

WatchKit documentation catalogs both resolutions as ‘retina’ with the sizes of the Apple Watch, assuming that the quality will be high enough to not differentiate each pixel. Are 291 and 302 pixels per inch respectively, When was Apple the limit of the retina at 300 pixels per inch. The Big Watch Apple, therefore, has an “approved scraping”.

From the side of the developers, you may prepare an image higher resolution for each model of the Apple Watch scale it to your needs. At the same time allowing that Apple can take different sizes of the clock in the future without complicating the life of programmers as it happened with iOS.

Apple Watch applications will run on the iPhone, displaying the result on the screen of the watch

Another detail that has been revealed in the documents is that the first applications of Apple Watch will not run properly on the clock, but on the iPhone I have linked to it. The only thing that will make the accessory will be showing the result of the calculations and operations that we do on the iPhone.

Anyway, it seems that at the end of the year 2015 we will have applications to be implemented directly in the Apple Watch. That also gives us to think: on the one hand Apple Watch will not be obsolete in a short time Since the performance depend on iPhone. On the other hand, it seems that there will be changes that will allow these applications to run in little more than one year.

All in all, I love to see how we have had an explosion of data as soon as WatchKit has appeared. Now we have more details of the Apple Watch, and I am sure that we will see wonders as developers go fiddling about with the programming environment.