Watch MI Transformed Smartwatch in Gaming Controller

Researchers at St. Andrew University new technology have now developed, which should allow Smartwatches as a gaming controller to use.

With the name “WatchMI” this should cover a wider range of functions than conventional Smartwatches from the House of Apple or Samsung – for example when one turns the Watchface and the clock to the right or left. The limited number of touch choices encounters the critics as for the finger, let alone for the hand, the touch screen offers only a small attack surface. The team of developers is to have used the interface, which is used in the most Smartwatches–so it can be used easily in the other watches.

What can the WatchMI?

The revised WatchMI interface makes it possible to be able to use many features faster and easier – so for example the Watchface can be turned to adjust the volume or you can turn the clock, so you back and can jump between menus. Also a function could be similar to the Swype method on the Smartwatch applied. Even a used as a game controller would be possible according to the development team – they showed that you can control objects on various screens – so characters or cars – on the watch.

Helped Andrews University has been the developers of St. by employees of the Korea Advanced Institute of science and technology (KAIST). The new technology is likely to bring completely new impetus in the Smartwatch industry – we must be so curious how the trend that will develop.