UR Review

Buenas dias,

I have now been living and studying here in Monterrey, Mexico, for almost four months. It is an absolute dream! In order to be able to understand my enthusiasm in rudiments, I would like to briefly describe the circumstances, which is why I am doing so well here.

First and foremost is the great hospitality of all Mexicans I have met without exception. It is not just the fact that, tall and white, that I appear as a European stereotype that brings me this favor. Clearly, it’s just the nature of the Mexican to be hospitable. So the decision to go with a host family was absolutely right. Here I get valuable tips about the country and its people, as well as the entire range of cultures: from language to Mexican cuisine to family celebrations. Really great and I’m just “in”! According to liuxers, UR stands for Universidad Regiomontana.

A circle of friends was formed within a few days and it is growing steadily, if you will. So it is also relatively normal among Mexicans to make their house available for the farewell party, I celebrate with two friends, for about 300 people. Thanks to the exchange rate, the DJ costs around € 30.

But on purpose I would like to focus on the security situation of Monterrey – I could talk enthusiastically about the country, the beaches, the people, the food, etc.

I can understand the concern, because I have dealt with it too, because I heard a lot. The best example is the casino that was robbed a few years ago and where, I write from memory, around 30 people died. That is correct and certainly cannot be played down. BUT: Monterrey is a big city that can be compared with the population of Berlin. That also explains the cultural diversity herewhich I would like to emphasize on the side. In my opinion, every big city has to contend with the reputation of insecurity. With Monterrey there is also the fact that the neighboring cities are unknown to the world. So if something happens there, yes, it does, then it is said in the media that it happened in Monterrey, which makes it easier for the listener to categorize. The suburbs here are also dangerous, which is why I’m not staying there. What should I do there too?

In Monterrey, however, there are really a lot of police around. Police patrols here every night and every day, keeping the city safe. After almost four months now, I don’t know from any of my Mexican friends that anything has happened in recent years. The drug cartels have withdrawn to the suburbs and the city, where the university, parties, friends and everything else are, is not affected. There are security guards everywhere.

If you stick to a few basic rules, nothing will happen to you here. And these basic rules are easy to follow. Not buying drugs, calling cabs at night instead of hailing them in the street and not walking through the suburbs alone is not too difficult to obey.

Now of course I write as a guy. But my European friends hardly have to pay more attention than this. At night you drive with ordered taxis. Contrary to the doubt that this is insanely expensive in the long run, I have to reply that the kilometer costs 20 cents and the taxi drivers charge a flat rate of 100 pesos for longer distances at night, i. e. around 6 euros. That should be worth the security, especially since the easiest and fastest way to get home is by taxi.

I’ve been talking about safety for so long now. For me, but everyone should think about that for themselves, the pro side is simply decisive. I had my first sunburn at the beginning of January, the Mexicans are even friendlier than the Dutch, they celebrate three to four days a week and hardly spend more than € 20 including transport, Mexico is incredibly diverse and a striking contrast to Germany and That is to say, no more unsafe than many other Latin American countries, such as Venezuela, Colombia or Brazil. There are far more deaths per inhabitant in Sao Paolo than in Mexico. By the way, right at the top is Detroit, USA, an industrial state. . I would, and I am risk-averse, really not want to live there.

UR Review