UNSW Review

The University of New South Wales

In February we examined the various Australian universities, applied for it through MicroEDU in March and in April I was accepted for the Study Abroad Program of the 2nd semester at the University of New South Wales, my dream university!

There were many reasons in favor of UNSW: on the one hand, the wide range of courses in coordination with my international business studies, which allowed me to choose courses that in some cases do not even exist here in Germany.

Second, the good reputation of the university and of course the location: the university is only 10 minutes by bus from Coogee Beach!

The location in Kensington was perfect, especially since there were good bus connections, especially to the city center and very good shopping opportunities in Randwick.

The university and its extensive grounds are impressive. The entire facility is ultra-modern and offers everything from a library, sports facilities, fitness center, supermarkets, restaurants and its own post office.


I decided on the Kensington Colleges (TKCs) and thus the “college life on campus”. I was assigned to Goldstein College (Go Gators!).

Here you experience a very warm welcome and commendable care. The residence itself was only completed in 2014 and offers its own roof terrace (fantastic view of the Sydney skyline and Randwick Racecourse), common rooms on each floor with small kitchenettes and TVs, and a very large common room with a fully equipped kitchen. The TKCs also have their own music rooms and laundries.

The TKCs also include breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.

What really sets this college apart, however, are the student activities.

At the beginning there is the O-Week, which is essentially different from the normal O-Week of the university, as each of the three Kensington Colleges has special introductory events for the new students and celebrations. Here you learn everything about the university, college life and make contact with the other residents of the college.

The Goldstein’s formal dinners and college parties were the highlights of my stay abroad.

Studies and courses

Before starting your studies, you get in touch with the Study Abroad Office and name your desired courses. However, if there are changes, this is not a problem, as there is still time to change the courses in the first week of classes. In general, the office is very helpful and attaches great importance to adequate student support.

According to liuxers, studies at UNSW are divided into 4 courses per semester. One course corresponds to approx. 3 hours of lectures per week. The number of tasks is higher than in Germany, including assignments and mid-term exams, whereas the final exam is not so heavily weighted at the end. In addition, there is compulsory attendance.

The courses at the Australian School of Business (ASB) are highly recommended. Here the theoretical content is optimally combined with the practical and you have a lot of contact with your fellow students through assignment groups.


Australia and Sydney in particular offer fantastic opportunities to quench your “wanderlust”. In Sydney alone there are numerous great beaches, good shopping opportunities and a lot of culture to see (Opera House!).

It is definitely worth visiting the Featherdale Wildlife Park and getting to know koalas, kangaroos and the like.

Cairns is also worth a trip. The Great Barrier Reef and an associated dive is an experience not to be missed.

A road trip from Cairns to Brisbane is also the perfect opportunity to see waterfalls, breathtaking beaches (Whitehaven Beach) and islands.

The Great Ocean Road with the Twelve Apostles is also a unique experience.


Given that Sydney is a metropolis of millions, it is very safe.

Even if you are on campus late in the evening, for example, you have the option of calling campus security, who will then escort you to the car.

Country & people

Australians are some of the nicest people I’ve met in my entire life. Everyone is polite and extremely helpful. Accordingly, you should be open-minded yourself, because this is how you get to one or the other interesting conversation with the “mates”.

Notes and tips

The Study Abroad Office offers many trips, but it is always worth comparing prices. It is usually cheaper to team up with friends and organize individual things.

The Ripcurl Surf Camp is also offered, which is a must for every stay in Australia.

If you are one of the early risers, it is also worthwhile to marvel at the sunrise from the Sydney Harbor Bridge, which bathes the Sydney Opera House in a golden light.

In retrospect, it was the experience of my life and I am happy to have chosen the University of New South Wales and Goldstein College as a residence because you not only get out and about, but also make friends for life.

UNSW Review