Traditional Watches vs. Apple iWatch: Learn Their Differences

The watches are instruments desire a long time and are part of the clothing of people who do not give up being fashionable and be punctual. However, this accessory has not stood still in time: it is constantly evolving and has undergone changes in terms of design and functionality. Although the more traditionalists rouse their noses at this, the fact is that they have become true gadgets and today we have revolutionary options like the Apple iWatch. Want to better understand the difference between this release and traditional watches? Then read the following text and choose your favorite!

Traditional Watches vs. Apple iWatch Learn Their Differences

Apple iWatch

It may not be the first smart watch on the market but it is definitely what has come to make a real revolution among the models available these days. Totally amazing, he innovated and brought several features previously unthinkable for such a small gadget. The product is beautiful in appearance and does not make it ugly even for those who are more fashioned because it has many colors, materials and options. But its great differentials are not visual!

In addition to setting hours, it has a unique interface with a touch screen and incredible multi-level user interaction. Its technical details impress: due to the sensitivity of the sapphire crystal display, when the user lifts his arm to see the hours the model lights up alone and in the back there are three LED sensors that help control the heart rate. It also helps in health for those who like sports: it contains an accelerometer, with step control and movement frequency. The Apple virtual assistant could not stop appearing here: Siri is the one who helps you search, send messages and control your calendar. All there, elegantly discreet at the height of his fist!

Classic watches

The traditional watch industry is reluctant to implement technology in its models. They bet on the usual consumer, who prefers to have style and sobriety to invest in great number of functionalities in this accessory so desired. Companies point to issues such as limited battery life and the risk of having their data hacked or controlled by intelligence agencies. The standard customer of luxury watches do not want to have their lives bothered by this kind of complication and prefer mechanical brand models.

Besides, they are more stylish and allow for perfect combinations, from suits to suits and costumes. The mechanical watches are still the favorite of many and definitely not this public open space for options such as Apple iWatch. Classic watchmakers also believe that the industry should not suffer from radical changes: in fact the alternatives do not compete with each other, but rather serve different audiences.

As we can see, both traditional watches and Apple iWatch have their benefits and their target customer. Their qualities are different and they should not dispute the same type of audience. It is best to take advantage of both or choose the one that best fits with you. At the end of the day, there is room for both!