Tips Gold and Titanium – Producer Showcase Luxury Smartwatches

The computer on the wrist: In the future he could serve not only as a practical tool through the daily life, but also as a status symbol. Manufacturers such as Rolex and Breitling show that watches are sometimes little more than mere timepieces, already abundantly. From the price point of view of this luxury variants, Smartwatches were so far completely uninteresting. This will change in the future, however – first manufacturers have started producing watches partially beyond the 1000 euro.

(K) timeless value on the Smartwatch-

The restraint of the market can paradoxically explained the properties of a Smartwatch. Fundamental problem remains that the technology simple and poignant too quickly outdated. After two years, also a progressive model is again antiquated. Luxury watches are also a value system, which is of rather more expensive than cheaper for many years but for many carriers. The currently most expensive Smartwatch with Android OS comes from the Switzerland and manufactured by Tag Heuer. The manufacturer has found a simple but effective method to raise the interest of its customers for the Smart Watch: you can use them after two years, when the hardware than new models begins to weaken, exchanged against an analogue model. But the offer is not completely free of charge. The Tag Heuer Connected to come at a price to the 1800 US dollars or 1500 euros on the market. For a switch to the analog model the additional costs charged will be – once around 1400 euros. For those interested with narrower wallet advisable in such amounts that correspond to the prices of old used cars, already a loan comparison.

Titanium case with Intel dual core processor

Belongs to the facilities of the Tag Heuer Connected a special display, the light also uses for the lighting. This is easy to read as opposed to a phone in direct sunlight. At a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels on a diameter of 36 mm, while the Swiss have succeeded obviously largely eliminate the biggest drawback of this technique – a lower image quality -. Inside the watch an Intel Core works with dual core processor a clock speed of 1.6 GHz and 1 GB RAM memory. For data is a 4 GB Flash memory installed. On heart rate monitors, GPS or more well-designed, but omitted Tag Heuer and relies exclusively on data synchronization via Bluetooth and Wi-FI. Obviously is the new model in contrast of many Smartwatches to everyday users, not athletes.

Apple Announces the world’s most expensive Smartwatch

Already more than once Apple has managed to reform a complete market with its devices. After desktop PC, tablets and Smartphones, now follows the entry into the segment of luxury watches. The Apple Watch costs up to 18,000 euro Edition – the entry prices for the model should be at about 11,000 euros. There is also a housing made of 18-carat yellow, Rosé or white gold and a fine leather strap. In addition, but no extras are available: same technology that comes in the Apple Watch used – at a price about 650 euros is In the Interior of the luxury watch.

The Apple Watch Edition can therefore be interpreted as a direct attack on the segment of luxury watches. In contrast, if Heuer Connected the day rather an attempt, how high the acceptance of expensive, exclusive is already smart watch among the clients. One thing is certain however: whether with or without the Apple – the market will within a few years significantly change.