Tim Cook: “We Will Finish Loading Apple Watch Once a Day”

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, He has spoken at the WSJ Conference. The Wall Street Journal d on the current state of the company and its future plans. And how, I didn’t have to appear the Apple Watch in conversation. The Executive has appointed it together with something that is still an open question: your battery.

With respect to it, Tim Cook said that “we will use both Apple Watch that We will finish loading it on a daily basis”. What does it mean, that battery is prepared to last more than one day, but puts us in history for which we are using non-stop? Or you go making us to the idea of charging our watch every night?

“We think people are going to use it so much you will end up charging it daily,” says @tim_cook on Watch battery life

In theory, there should not be a discomfort, seeing that Apple Watch is capable of charging with a magnetic connector like the Magsafe use; but more than one expected that Apple Watch had a battery allowing it to use more than two days. We still have to wait a few more months to check it, but it is clear that the battery will be the most controversial part of the smartwatch of Apple.