Tim Cook Speaks from Germany: Apple Pay in Europe a Year Late, The Watch Holds in The Shower

Tim Cook, who has recently traveled to Germany (photographing with Chancellor Merkel and all), has spoken with some employees of the Apple Store in the country and apparently has been heard you say that it comes to showering with the Apple Watch since without that the watch may suffer problems. That contrasts with what was said earlier on its resistance to water, most delicate and only accepting splash.

Apparently Apple’s CEO has also led to the chip S1 is completely wrapped in resin, that is what would they could get wet without problems. Takes him everywhere but that Yes, charge it every night. Seeing how the new Pebble Time endures a week, I’m afraid that Apple Watch will not escape the controversy always.

During a visit to Germany, Tim also took the opportunity to visit the offices of the tabloid Bild:

Apple Pay will not come until the end of the year in Europe, and that may not include Spain in a phased release beginning

Another interesting fact that has heard from the mouth of Tim towards their employees is that Apple Pay could reach Europe at the end of this year, implying a very late release in comparison with other countries. Anyway, several months already appeared in the United States, we have yet to see how this new payment platform comes out of the country.

Note: this they are not official statements to be taken to the letter, but something that has been heard him tell Tim Cook while talking to some of their workers. The official will arrive in a press release, or in the keynote that decides to celebrate Apple to give the final details of your watch. If it is being held, clear.