They Start Rumors: The Launch of The Apple Watch Would Be during The First Week of April

We have not even six hours with the official announcement of a new keynote published in all media and some sources are beginning to filter specific data on what could be confirmed in it. The first comes from MacRumors, whose sources have commented that the launch of the Apple Watch is set for the first week of April.

Tim Cook confirmed at the last press conference of financial results that the clock was going to send to the first consumers during that month, but it now seems that we can breathe easy if we were afraid that the term “April” It would mean just a few days prior to may following the traditions that have in Cupertino.

Perhaps has the agenda of Apple had to be delayed slightly?

In fact, what I suspect is that Apple planned to launch in March, since he entered within its initial ‘principles’ of the 2015 promise to be in the first quarter. But perhaps that meant rushing until the final days of March, that should have gone towards already first of April.

But better that anything, isn’t it? They are just a few more days, and in less than two weeks we will have a good mountain of new data that will make us to be more attentive to an agenda to not argue if Apple governed well their release schedules. Remember that Apple keynote will be held on March 9 in the afternoon, and that will be ready to offer a live trace Applesfera.