The Role of Apple Watch in The Era Post-Smartphone

A week After the keynote, We already know that one of the big bets of the company, the iPhone 6, has been a success: more than four million of reserves in just 24 hours, a figure that becomes a resounding “Yes” from users who were waiting for an iPhone with new features.

Apple apparently badly aimed with iOS 8, you can download publicly tomorrow, a renewal of the previous version but with profound changes even in mentality: the opening of certain parts of the operating system to developers is something unusual that also demanded to the Cupertino.

The conclusion is that These releases are a perfect set of him calling the company: news and an update on the roots of the company, without losing its own identity. The clearest sign that the iron walls that once seemed impossible, have been able to, at least, are sort it. And was still a “One more thing…”

The war started in our pockets

Can you imagine how it will Apple Watch within five years?

Apple Watch: it could become the hallmark of the new Apple. The first product post Steve Jobs, begun to develop three years ago – according to the own Cook – and raised from scratch as one new category with new possibilities. They sold it as the Apple’s most personal device and have rightly: revolution which carries Apple Watch is the company to begin to think about the “wearable”, and that means to evolve very fast: do you imagine will be like Apple Watch inside five years, and the things that you will learn the company down the road?

And we are really at a point that it is familiar. Jobs He threw away many projects when he returned to Apple in 1997 (by the way, today precisely 16 September 17 years ago on that day) and some as the Newton cornered them in a drawer with a sticker that surely would have written “Not yet”. Jobs is not interested in mobile devices, not because he does not believe in them, but because I understand that they didn’t do anything extraordinarily better a computer with available technology.

Not mobile devices interested Steve Jobs until their technology did not do anything extraordinarily better than desktop computers

And came the iPod. Music escaped from our Macs in 2001 to our pockets, but with some Stockholm syndrome due to iTunes. They were the first steps of the Mac unit, but we already saw as the rope that separated both worlds are tightened every day.

In the process of creation of a new tablet, Apple engineers were given account that had to learn a lot before you know dealing with the 9.7 “display, but they could handle a 3.5”. That day was born the iPhone, the first intelligent device which was booting your computer from still more tasks, something that the iPad would finish in 2010.

The iPod, iPhone and iPad have been the most prolific source of new ideas in the history of Apple: not only put in context to the company, but also to consumers and new needs. The technology that developed in those years had become more personal because he was not already use devices to access our digital life from them, but take it anywhere in your Pocket.

2007 as a reference

When Apple introduced the iPhone to the world in January 2007, the technology was available, but nobody merged it in the way that the expertise of Cupertino did: hardware and software, a perfect alignment and an approach to product from scratch, much like what Apple Watch is now available.

However, we are not in the wasteland of smart devices of that era: the competition wants to take advantage of novelty hitch and has spent years taking watches trying to dig in the right place. And some, are approaching. Apple aims to touch metal on the first try with his shovel, because a false decision would ruin a whole new category.

And as a new product, is very complicated. The first success of Apple is know Orient watch as a crossroads for techies and fashionistas: and that is really complicated. Technologists love the simplicity of forms and focus on the content, not the continent. Fashion lovers, will prevail their appearance because they work with forms.

Technology and fashion should be a smart watch, and it is difficult because both parties are looking for different things

For us as technologists, a bracelet flat “full screen” as it looked in some rumors had been perfect (for its novelty talking technology). For lovers of fashion, that would be another frika without taste. Needed a balanced body that knew to satisfy both worlds, that counted with combined appearance and showing a good screen to show off technology. The different models and combinations, as well as a screen perfectly adapted, have managed to embrace both worlds.

Personally, the first impression that I gave is that it was too thick and the design even a little retro (reminded me of the original iPhone). Perhaps by the rear sensors or by the construction in general, be seen as post and use in every day when it is available. No doubt as part of fashion hits the target.

Competition with betting as the Motorola with Moto 360 and its restrained discretion, seem interesting, although the Crown Apple Watch digital and much better materials are a plus for the Cupertino, on especially when you talk about an element design as it should be a clock. Here already there are figures, or operating systems, tastes.

The challenges

Apple should take advantage of the combination of hardware and software to surprise with the battery in Apple Watch

Apple bet with the new clock is precisely in take advantage of everything what you have learned: Although we don’t yet know what the battery lasts, it is key in this type of product. In my opinion, the company should take advantage of featuring a closed hardware and software that should control it and contain it to the maximum, for maximize the second time without loading device. Is also deluded to think that we will be more than two days without attaching it: we get used, as we become accustomed to charging our smart phones every day instead of every week.

One of the points that I would like to that they had caught a little bit of advantage with respect to the company, is independence from the iPhone. In the first version have been very careful to develop an combined idea, but in future it would be logical to see as the Apple Watch It spreads more and more from our pockets. There it would be really smart (and it is something that happens to almost all models on the market).

Nor do we know much of your operating system, as we did not have it with the original iPhone, which Steve Jobs called “Mac OS X” even the day of your presentation. The interface He has won the war of the first impression and the digital Crown seems a success in a device of this size, but much remains to be seen of the operating system and its possibilities. Is it comfortable? Is it fast? Is it useful to take a “wearable”?

The future

With the Apple Watch, Apple falls squarely in the revolution from what might be called “was post-Smartphone”, small (or not so small) devices that still customize in best measure certain tasks of smartphones. Is not a few devices to replace another, but that deal of certain tasks. If Apple has created a “wearable” optimal and useful future iOS It can certainly be surprising, passing the iPhone from being a center of control, one accompanying person. As they were desktop computers in its time.

The era post-smartphone is not about devices that replace others, they complement each other. Just as that it has happened with computers and Smartphones and tablets in the era post-PC

Do you could be considered CarPlay a “wearable”? In my opinion, is one step closer. It is not a strict device you use an operating system dedicated, since in this case, is one extension of the own iOS on a second screen. However, it is certainly in route, and does not cost think that future shop also break this umbilical cord with the iPhone, which already can be considered the new “desktop computer” of the current time.

If we look forward We can only provide for interesting months: There are many new features to be seen and it is possible that Apple will convene another keynote for end of October where update the Mac world, Apple TV and lance finally the definitive version of Yosemite. With all this, will begin to align its product range to meet 2015 with high expectations, but also great challenges.