The Most Likely Apple Watch Straps Are Sold as an Additional Accessory

Among all the tide of information that has emerged from the Apple Watch there is a theme which curiously not been mentioned much, or better said nothing, which is that of accessories, we do not know if you will sell some additional attachment as special Chargers, boxes for storage, even if the straps will be sold separately.

It is now as information collecting 9to5mac where according to their sources suggest that a wide variety of belts they will be available from day one at the Apple Store, where you can choose the type of box, size, color, and in addition the belt, with the option to buy to customize our device according to our tastes.

As we know Apple has prepared the launch of its sports of aluminum, stainless steel and gold watch in three different variants, but each of these is divided into many more options, which gives us a wide variety of possible designs that if we did well, it would be impossible to have a clock with each design at Apple stores.

The idea of course does not sound anything crazy, so we can get the Apple Store choose the type of clock, color, and size, as well as the type of belt and buckle, so they armen at the store and let’s an Apple Watch exactly how we want it and not as what is available, where we will also have the option to bring us extra strap.

Detail here will be know the price of each strap, Depending on the type of material and finishes, and most importantly, have official confirmation that it will be possible to acquire them separately, detail that we will surely know days before launch.