The Latest Beta of IOS 8.2 Gives New Clues on The Support of Apple Watch and Confirms Your App

Although the first beta of iOS 8.2 already allowed developers to begin work on their applications to make them compatible with the Apple Watch there by mid-November, has not been up to the newly launched fourth beta when we have finally received irrefutable proof that this will be the version that will come to hand caught the Apple clock.

Within iOS 8.2 Bluetooth settings are now a new specific section of the clock in stating that if we want to match our iPhone with a Apple Watch, we must go to the app Apple Watch; a new iPhone app from which you can configure and control the desired clock as well as install additional apps in it 5 or higher.

As you can see in the image above, is a two-way road, It will be also possible to control some functions of the iPhone from Apple Watch to enable or disable aircraft, do not disturb, or silent mode, and also make it sound to find it if we lost sight of it.

Know if this app will be will include series such as health or advice, both introduced next 8 iOS, or if on the contrary we have to manually download it from the App Store. A third option that perhaps would be the ideal, is that iPhone will lead us until it automatically so that you download it to closely detect a clock just out of the box.

All indications are that the launch of the Apple Watch will occur at the end of the month of March, at least in the United States, with Spain among other countries waiting in queue to normalize its production and demand. Fingers crossed that we talk about difference of weeks and not months.