The Keylogger Evolves: Your Smartwatch Is Able to Know What You Type

A project called Motion Leaks ( MoLe ) has allowed us to see how the motion sensors of today’s smarwatches can be used to accurately detect what we are typing on our computer.

The Keylogger Evolves Your Smartwatch Is Able to Know What You Type

The system demonstrates a unique-and disturbing-feature of these smart watches, but it is also true that this detection logically works in the hand in which we wear the watch. The creation of a 3D map of the hand and the keyboard and the application of these sensors results in thatdetection of the actual click performed by the user.

A Keylogger On Your Smart Watch

The accelerometer and the gyroscope are able to offer researchers information about the keys that are being pressed at any time thanks to a first algorithm that collects that information. Another additional program is the one that deduces the words that have been introduced in that click action.

This second algorithm detects the pauses in the left-hand keystrokes-it is the predefined model they have taken as reference-and from this deduce how many keystrokes were typed in the right hand thanks to a record of the click frequency-Keyboard speed, user speed.

At the moment the project has limitations, and for example MoLe does not detect special characters, and the space bar is still not recognized with accuracy. Even so, the system, which already works on the Samsung Gear Live, could be applied to other smart watches. The threat is obvious: a cyber attacker could install malware on the clock and spy on what we do with this unique variant of a keylogger.