The Impatience We Can, Three Elegant Docks for Apple Watch

So we can have a Apple Watch in our hands still remain a few months. In the words of Tim Cook, we can have the latest device to join the family of Cupertino in early 2015, but now we have no confirmed its release date.

What we do know is that we will have to charge it once a day (if you use it with so much emotion and intensity as it says Tim), and therefore it is clear that We will need some form of load. In the presentation of the Apple Watch we discover that the device will be loaded using a magsafe sicrcular, but as I I have always been of docks to charge my devices today I bring you 3 elegant docks for our Apple Watch. Impaciencientes us not win anyone.

Composure Dock

The Composure Dock It is one of the most elegant and original docks that we found. It uses the original connector that Apple Watch will bring to create a horizontal support of Walnut to place our Apple Watch. According to the description of your website is a piece weighing a medium which adapts perfectly to the magsafe thanks to hide within the own dock connector cable.

Is currently only available for sale early at a price of $79 If you reserve it right now. If you do it when you leave the Apple Watch will get about $90.

More information | Composure Dock

Dodocase Charging Stand

With a design similar to the support that can be seen in jewelry stores have this dock of Dodocase. Done in Californian walnut, this dock also incorporates in its design the magsafe, providing a way to have well-ordered cable once we have connected the Apple Watch. As a curiosity, Dodocase allows us to insert a leather seal at the base with personalized lyrics.

The Dodocase Charging Stand will be available through 2015 and you can book right now for $5. The approximate amount that will have a time release occurs will be between 60 and 80 dollars.

More information | Dodocase


HEDock the model of most affordable dock from the list but no is less beautiful. With a support similar to jewelry, HEDock is manufactured in aluminium providing a much lighter and less rough than the previous setting. Copying the ideas of minimalism and industrial design we have a simple but yet very attractive dock that will be perfect in our bedside table.

HEDock you can book now for $29, obtaining in this way a 40% discount on the final price of exit, which will be along 2015.