The First Third Party Game to Apple Watch Is Being Created by Nimblebit

Still missing so that we will see the Apple Watch in the Apple Store, we can already take a look at some things that developers are preparing for the watch. As Letterpad, a game that is being developed by Nimblebit. You can to that name you do not sound, but we are sure that at some point you may have heard of his Tiny Tower success.

You can see just above is a mockup of the interface that are preparing for the Apple Watch, in which the user can solve puzzles of letters without having to access the iPhone. Naturally, everything will run from the phone and the application can play from there. This design would be more like a “satellite” from that faster access to the game itself.

Seeing how they work the developers, would not surprise me see a good range of available third-party applications and games just go Apple Watch. For those who remember it, it would be equivalent to what did Super Monkey Ball and Twinkle in the App Store on the iPhone first: to get everyone to download and use applications.