The Construction of an Erotic Toy, Users of Android and The History of Fon

I turn to bring a series of interesting links to other media that we have shared over the past two days through our Twitter account.

  • In “The Guardian”: our site raised the need to question the affair that many have with technology, as a result of the digital revolution we’re living
  • Horace Dediu, “Asymco”: our site, offers her particular response to the following question: where are Android users?
  • In an interview with Kim Dotcom by “El País”: our site, the controversial founder of Megaupload says that “United States wants to colonize Internet”
  • In “The world”: our site published an interesting article recounting the life of “fon”: our site, the Spanish company Martín Varsavsky
  • We live in the bubble of subscription services?, in “TechCrunch”: our site provide an answer to this question
  • Jean-Louis Gassée published in “Monday Note”: our site an interesting reflection on the possibilities of a hypothetical iWatch
  • Other different means, in this case “The Verge”: our site, analyzes the streaming of music business and its possible profitability
  • “Hacking my vagina”, the title says it all. Beth, in “scanlime”: our site, offers its experience building your own erotic toy
  • Finally, John Sheehan published in “The Next Web”: our site a reflection on the need and the importance of APIs: “They are dead, long live the APIs”