The Apple Watch Steel Worth $ 500, What Were You Thinking?

Apple Watch we only know their official price starts at $ 349. Very possibly be aluminium, Watch Sport version. Yesterday afternoon, the French website dedicated to Apple iGen echoed the statements of one of your contacts who claimed that the price of the Apple Watch of steel, the Watch version to dry, would be $ 500.

The web goes beyond and arrives to give even an approximate price for yellow and pink gold version: between 4,000 and 5,000 dollars. While Angela Ahrendts announced to its employees that the Watch was released in spring of the year comes, according to the same person the estimated release date is mid-February, in concrete the day 14.

As Apple has focused product, the date would not be so far-fetched. Efforts that are putting on the first wearable of Apple is perceived as a first article of fashion and technology then, Besides that it is a perfect accessory for gifts, Valentine’s day make an appropriate date.

Fashion is not a necessity

Find interesting that Apple will introduce a product as close to fashion. By definition, fashion is not a “thing” that we embrace by need, but it is rather something that is done by taste. As we saw a few weeks ago, when something is sold by meet a need or satisfy a taste, you will have a price or other.

The first will have a more competitive while the second price, who knows. An article of fashion can afford to have a price that seems to many nonsensical. Bags, clothing, accessories and watches. Restaurants and hotels. A person who access this type of products and services of high level does not only for its quality but also by the exclusivity that supposed to enjoy them.

This prestige that provide its owner is something widespread in China. The Asian country It is one of the major consumers of luxury in the world and with a middle and upper class to grow. It is no coincidence that Apple has submitted a version of yellow and rose gold. They know very well what they do.

What happens with the battery?

Two of the Big Apple Watch unknowns. On the first, I’d like to see a Watch with a battery that last several days. However, Tim Cook was already responsible for controlling our expectations the other day:

We will use both the Watch Apple that we’ll end up charging it every day.

He would be in line to what other competitors as the bike 360 are offering right now. Seeing the path followed by the mobile phone in its history, the transition from a feature phone to a smartphone brought the same catastrophe. We have gone from several days to one in which there is to recharge the device every day.

The users have accepted this compromise reluctantly because everything you can do with a smartphone. Batteries and its efficiency has improved with each version of the iPhone, but have also evolved our needs at the same rate or greater. Given the declarations of Cook, it seems that the Watch is going to follow the same path than the smartphone with regard to this issue.

Many wondered how it is possible that Apple will charge these prices for a device that will be declared “obsolete” in a few years. A luxury watch can only be sold after several years at a very competitive price. Moreover, there are many who bequeath a watch their children, one that continues to operate as the first day. How could Apple compete with a Tag Heuer or a Tissot? Technological obsolescence is opposed completely to happen.

Solving obsolescence

In the month of September we made a review of all chips that Apple designed its products. The watch deserved a mention apart since Apple dedicated him a very specific words in your description (emphasis mine):

Many times, the great difficulties force with better and more creative solutions. Proof of this is the chip designed to measure Apple Watch. No traditional architecture computer fits in a small space, so we had to find the formula for integrating various subsystems in a single Super-compact module. And we did it. Then the We encapsulated in resin to protect the electronic components of climate, shock and wear. Configuring a computer on a single chip system is a real milestone in the sector, as well as a marvel of engineering and miniaturization.

It is pure speculation, but the words that the company has chosen to describe this chip made me think about the issue of obsolescence. Perhaps, in steel and gold versions, Apple could include a programme of replacement of the chip that is inside by one more modern. This “capsule” It could be interchanged easily by a superior generation. They could even replace batteries with a higher capacity new.

This possibility became the debate John Gruber, a few days ago so it would be gaining strength. The Cupertino company would have not said anything to not alert its competitors about their intentions. Materialize, would be a solution to the problem of technological obsolescence. At least in the wearable of Apple.