The Apple Watch Gold of 18 Carat Could Exceed The 1200 Euros in Your Final Price

Still, after four days after the Keynote, we are still unraveling with dropper details missing us Apple Watch. Little by little we are knowing more and more data on what not said in the Keynote and today’s the turn to the version of 18 carat which will be released at the beginning of the 2015 of the Apple Watch.

No one will be left bald to think that It would be the most exclusive version of the range which aims to introduce us Apple and the thing would be quite far from 349 dollars which was noted as a starting point. Today begin to shuffle numbers, and these become the $1200.

From TechCrunch have been in contact with some jewelers to make an estimate of what It could cost Apple Watch “housing” taking into account the materials to be used for their manufacture. Only the continent of Apple Watch, regardless of content, could reach 600 dollars of cost. What should add hardware and software of the clock.

This could double this price and make sure Apple Watch has a final cost that ronde 1200 dollars. Let us remember that this version of the Apple Watch will come with a unique box that will often load bearing induction, so you will have a feature that will not include the basic models of the clock (which will be the Sports series).

In my opinion Apple has much successful with this policy, giving a range of prices to the Apple Watch that will allow us to be able to buy that suits our pockets. Consider also that the straps are interchangeable, for what will soon see as third manufacturers begin to offer their solutions more affordable, allowing us to play even more with prices.