The Apple Watch Gold Can Cost So Much That It ProtagonizaríA Revenues in The Range

John Gruber and his predictions of astronomical prices for the Apple Watch Golden return to load. He normally well informed responsible for Daring Fireball has commented the figures circulating on the net about the quantity of watches that are being manufactured, and predicts that It will be the model of gold which will dominate revenues.

Let’s look at these figures: Rumor has it that the first consignment of Apple Watch will be around the five or six million units. Half will be the sporty model (supposedly the cheapest), one-third will be for the middle range of stainless steel and the remaining spot will be the exclusive units of gold: around 850,000 units, one million as much.

Apple Watch Edition of treated solid gold can cost more than 4,000 euros

This edition of the Apple Watch will be the most expensive, but according to Gruber, its price will be so high that it will surpass joint other models sales although its units sold figures are much higher. That price, according to some, would exceed the 4,000 euros and therefore it would be one of the more expensive products that has never sold Apple.

We should not take to already know the exact price each range of Apple Watch, especially with Mobile World Congress around the corner and a so-called event which would be held in March according to BGR. And do not know how to sell, but at the moment put the hand in the fire in that there will be long queues to get it and very few can do so during the first weeks.