Technology on The Wrist, a Fascination History Seen through Five Watches

Watches they are marking the hours of the day from hundreds of years ago. With thousands of ways, many of us took one of them on the wrist: digital, analog, needles, with a display… Simple but effective in what we ask: they tell us the time.

However, apart from this very basic function have always had a fascination for watches as a sophisticated gadget. A relationship almost fantasy between man and machine that we see through five watches who in recent years have made us dream.

A child’s dream and spy films

I look at my left wrist. Where for many years there was a Casio F-91W, a living legend and quintessential nerd watch, there is now a Nike Fuelband. I recognize that part of the quantification does not interest me so much, if I use it is because plain and simple mola.

Press the button and see how time appears nowhere in that wrist where you can not see a screen still fascinates me, and it’s been five months since the first time I used it. It is true that sounds narcissistic, a small pleasure completely banal.

However, our fascination with watches comes from many years ago. The fiction of the modern media culture may have some guilt: spy films, watches that were capable of controlling any pileup. A gadget that gave us a lot of power on the wrist.

This almost mystical experience it provided us cinema and television came to many of us for the first time during the 1990s at the hands of Casio, watch with which we started our review of that category misnamed smart watches.

Casio CMD 40, watch that made us feel like James Bond

If there is something to recognize Casio is its position as a manufacturer of watches. From simple models such as the aforementioned F-91W to other more complex such as the g-shock family. Within its range of digital models, there is one which captivated a generation of children in the 1990s.

We are talking about the CMD-40 and his brother CA 50, that carrying Marty McFly in back to the future. If today you were to the market, as a novelty, surely we wouldn’t do him much attention but nineteen years have one of these it was feel the King of the world.

You have a calculator on hand and the ability to change channels with the remote control distance was something magical. For practical purposes we did everything possible to get the maximum benefit although clear, many times by context is difficult.

Although we cannot regard these Casio watches as smart as, if that were the pioneers of our dreams with wrist devices capable of doing more to give at the time. Today both models are on sale and have become in their own right in icons of pop culture.

The Legend of Zelda Game Watch, video games on the wrist

Contemporary to the Casio watch, Nintendo was flirting during the 1980s and early 1990s with the Game Watch. This primitive portable console that had a game in two tones, clock and alarm. All models launched within there is one very special.

The Legend of Zelda Game Watch was a clock that, following the philosophy of the other Nintendo products combined this basic function with a small video game. Although in Spain did not have a powerful distribution if that came and the feeling that we conveyed was magical.

Be able to play anywhere, something we do today with mobile, despite being fairly simple and not very comfortable was something amazing in the 1990s. Another example that could be done more with the wrist, in addition to time and nothing else. Of course.

Tokyoflash, another way to display the time

If I had to summarize very broad representation of the time between all systems we would agree in pointing out the numbers and the needles as a binomial that is difficult to break. They work, are universal and offer enough freedom to mold them to all kinds of designs.

However, Tokyoflash decided to popularise the form in which that showed the minutes and hours. Their watches have always attracted attention since many times at a glance can not deduct time and need understand what teaches us.

Each one has a special feature and the way one rendered it useless for another model. Original abstract proposals have left us models that will not pass away with the history of smart watches, a site that does not belong to them, but that they fall into this so special relationship that we have with them.

It is difficult to stay with one single: EleeNo One Hand taught us that we can know what time is only a needle, with EleeNo increasing LED us feel as when we look at a console in a special ship and Kisai Joypad made us feel the future. As these many other designs that let us out.

Sony Smart Watch, the smart clock pioneer

After many years of flirting with able to do everything watches, it was Sony who two years ago decided to create a smart device: Smart Watch. A complement to Android phones that allowed us to receive all notices and make quick applications without having to be looking at the screen.

With a good idea, and after a review, the idea did not end quite Jell. The synchronization was not at all good and the interface left a little to be desired in regards to terms of usability. He has not served to define the bases still but the attempt of Sony to enhance this category is commendable.

Pebble, the watch that was born in crowdfunding

In the middle of last year, began to pick up force a stream that had already dawned with specific projects such as the Cosmonaut but that now came to settle down as a popular and accepted by all funding model: crowdfunding.

In Engadget we’ve talking repeatedly of it and projects funded through platforms like Kickstarter: We invest money for someone to manufacture something in a given period of time. Depending on the amount you say we will get different products.

Today they are beginning to hatch the first projects that sought money through Kickstarter. Among them Pebble, a watch of electronic ink, which offered connection with our smartphone and allowed us to do everything: sports, control music, read notifications…

The idea tries to return to Sony Smart Watch work to learn from their mistakes and bring us a device that is actually useful and not an I want to and I can not to finish work. Its release is imminent and we are waiting for it to reach our dolls to try it.