Tape on the He and Powerful: the Independence of Hindenberg Watch

The Independence of the Hindenberg brand watch is ideal for all those for whom a watch can be quite powerful. She is tall, imposing and weighs his weight.Is in no way a watch that can hide under a shirt or a sweater sleeve. The Independence of Hindenberg watch brings interesting features. His heart is the H – 09.160 20 stones with automatic movement. He’s lesaffichages of the hours, minutes, seconds and date, as well as of the respective day and month. Its dial presents at six a drive day and night to three hours is the ticket office of the date next to the logo of the manufacturer.  The needles are the most important parts the most striking etles of the dial. As the numbers 2, 4, 8 and 10, they glow in the dark. So the time is well readable. The seconds hand brings a touch of color and goes well with the rest of the dial. The watch is protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire glass.

Tape on the He and Powerful the Independence of Hindenberg Watch

For all friends of the speed measurement, the bezel has a graduated tachometer. The second distinct hand as stated previously allows easy reading of the speed, even for a moment. As we have already noted, the Independenceest a show attracts the attention. She has 44 dediametre mm and a thickness of 13 mm. We should also mention his weight, 211g. Refined steel bracelet is worked steadily, which is absolutely necessary to be able to rely on this watch. Like many bracelets steel, this can cause problems with hair, but a watch of this size and considering its rugged construction, a leather strap would simply not adequate. Its weight and size gives this watch an indisputable omnipresence. The two push buttons are large and easy to handle – however they are not easily astray involuntarily. Watch Independence has a seal of water up to 5 ATM.