Swatch Also Wants to Make It Difficult for Apple Watch

It seems that the race to give with a smartwatch that call the attention of the market just won a new candidate. It’s the Group Swatch, the famous firm behind the eponymous brand of watches and other well known as Flik-Flak, Hamilton, Longines and Omega.

Speaking to Bloomberg last week, the CEO of Swatch, Nick Hayek, group announced that his company was working on a smart watch. Its launch It would be planned for within two or three months, so it would take to compete directly in your dates and prominence with Apple Watch. According to Hayek, your device you would communicate via NFC and would make it possible to make payments with.

In addition, the Executive took the opportunity to announce that it would be only compatible with Android and Windows Phone. So it would be another not compatible with iOS device. According to the Executive of Swatch, your company is in position to use all the innovation and patents made in recent years to bring to market a smart watch House brand.

Two other large point to the smart watch

Swatch joins other two classics such as TAG Heuer and Montblanc

Swatch is not alone in its intention to enter the segment of smart watches. In December of last year, Aitor Carbajo surprising us with almost identical statements from Jean-Claude Biver, management of the LVMH group which includes TAG Heuer among other brands. Unlike Swatch, it would result in a clock that you cuantificaría our daily activity and its launch is planned for later this year.

From Engadget also informed us of another contender who has signed to race for Smart Watches: the German firm Montblanc. This company has a portfolio of products that goes beyond watches and has not wanted to be left out. Its solution is quite clever since it’s a display that adapts to the bracelet. According to the company, it will be compatible with iOS.

It is very interesting the 180 degree turn that have given some companies about smart watches. In particular, Hayek has spoken several times about smart watches, disdaining them as something that would not attract your audience. For this reason, it does not seem to be a coincidence that a few months after the presentation of the Apple Watch have changed their opinion.

A reaction fast and running?

Just days before presentation of the Apple Watch, leaked alleged statements of Jony Ive stating that your smart watch would be in trouble the Swiss. As the months pass, we have known even more data about Apple clock and the tremendous effort that has made the company of Tim Cook during the past three years.

Apple Watch is much more than what one would expect from a technology company

Completely new interface and operating system. HealthKit integration and a complete system of personal quantification. Mobile payments with Apple Pay. The native apps Apple TV. Ejecución driver at the end of the year. All of that in three different collections, two sizes of sphere, three different metals and a wide range of belts to accompany it. Reasons enough to take it seriously.

There are still many unknowns around the clock from Apple, but what is clear is that the reaction of the different manufacturers of watches is still fast and running. Deny the appeal of smart watches passed to minimize the possible impact of the Apple Watch, then backtrack and give it a twist to your strategy.

Personally, I am delighted to see to Another great plunge in this market. We don’t know if it will be a model of its popular brand Swatch or more premium, but it will be very interesting to see how it develops. Although they still have much to prove, the users will be the first beneficiaries of this competition to conquer our dolls again.