Study Horse Management Abroad

All happiness on earth is on the back of a horse? Almost two million people across the country who regularly get into the saddle agree with this statement. Germany is one of the world’s front runners in horse breeding and equestrian sports. An important branch of the economy with sales in the billions has emerged around the horse .

More than 300,000 people earn their living with horses, riders, etc. The profession of horse tanner, which is traditionally learned in Germany in the course of company training or studying horse management, is particularly popular.

The horse business course

For a number of years there has also been a bachelor’s degree in horse management in Germany. As part of the course, future horse farmers learn how horses are best kept, cared for and bred . The course is very popular and there are usually far more applicants than there are places available.

The students do not stand in the stables all day with the pitchfork, but deal primarily with the economic interrelationships around horse keeping and breeding . For this reason, aspiring equine scientists not only have a love for neighing four-legged friends, but ideally also have an interest in natural sciences , business administration and a certain weakness for technology.

Bachelor’s degree in horse management

In the first semesters of the bachelor’s degree, things are very scientific. Scientific, to be more precise: Bio , physics and math are indispensable foundations for further studies. In this, the students deal with, among other things, the production of forage plants, horse breeding or rider training. The economic aspects are examined in subjects such as marketing or corporate management .

Master’s degree in equine economics

According to, those who want to gain further qualifications after completing their bachelor’s degree can take a master’s degree. This goes into more detail on equine science and business issues . The master’s degree in equine economics is also open to graduates from related bachelor’s degree programs, for example from agricultural sciences , veterinary medicine or business administration.

The subject of horse management abroad

Studying horse business has a long academic tradition outside of Germany . The courses offered differ in their focus between courses geared towards agriculture or veterinary medicine such as Equine Science or Equine Studies and economic courses such as Equine Business Management .

The equestrian and horse breeding are very internationally oriented . A semester abroad as part of your German studies is not only interesting, but also useful from a professional point of view. Due to the relatively small number of courses on offer in Germany, it is worthwhile to complete the entire bachelor’s degree abroad or at least to switch to a foreign university for the master’s degree .

Occupational fields in the horse industry

Graduates of the equine management course often dream of taking over the management of a stud farm or of running their own riding school . But there are a variety of employment opportunities in which the know-how of horse farmers is in demand:

  • in training centers for horses
  • in the horse trade
  • at feed and pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • in companies for equipment and accessories for horse keeping and riding
  • in the public sector
  • at chambers of agriculture
  • in equestrian tourism
  • in trade journals
  • in university research and teaching

If you are interested in the international horse scene , it is advisable to study one or more semesters abroad. Studying at a university abroad gives you the opportunity to sharpen your own academic profile. In addition, you acquire intercultural skills and foreign language skills , which future employers would like to see.

Study Horse Management