Sony Will Not Use Android Wear On Their Smartwatches For Now

Google’s presentation of its wearable OS, Android Wear, has opened the door to a wide range of manufacturers who can now venture into this new market and its potential.

The list of Google partners in this new adventure is great, but it lacks some giants who already have a presence in this market. Sony is one of them, and has announced that it does not plan to bring Android Wear to its Smartwatch.

By having an available and ready-to-use OS, the brands that are now venturing into smartwatch creation can ensure greater simplicity in the process, while making it easier to create their platforms.

The goal of Google with Android Wear is to ensure that they create a new ecosystem, adapted to the already existing in Android and that allows the various players to be in perfect harmony.

But in an interview now given to CNET by Ravi Nookala, a Sony executive of the United States, the plans of the Japanese giant do not go through the adaptation of their equipment to the new version of Android.

According to Ravi Nookala, the efforts and time invested by Sony in its system, also based on Android, is high and so the developments will continue in the same direction.

We have already invested time and resources on this platform, and we will continue in that direction

But just a few hours after the release of Ravi Nookala’s statements, Sony has decided to release some additional information, which in some way contradicts what was initially stated.

Instead of rejecting Android Wear definitively, Sony recognizes its capabilities and does not close the door to exploiting this OS as a potential alternative to future equipment. But for now its focus will be on Smartawatch 2 and the other devices, based on its version of Android.

We’re excited about the potential of Android Wear to extend the mobile OS experience into wearable devices.

While we are currently focused on our in-market wearable offering, including SmartWatch 2, we continue to work closely with Google as a key partner and continue to evaluate opportunities across a number of areas as we extend our SmartWear Experience.

Sony’s decision to continue the developments of its own version of the operating system will eventually limit its growth.Putting in the hands of Google the maintenance and development of a version of an operating system would release resources to other areas and could dedicate itself more intensely to the creation of new devices, in the image of what happens nowadays with smartphones and with the Android.