So Imagine a Smartwatch “At Large” in The 1980s

It can be that the Smart Watches They are starting to get fashionable now, but the concept is by no means new. Microsoft has already sought to take advantage of a similar concept with its Smart Personal Object Technology (SPOT) in 2004, but earlier, much earlier, already initiated efforts that became more versatile devices to traditional watches.

It is the case of the Seiko UC-2000, a digital clock that was a priori especially surprising, but that earned many integers when one found out that I could use it in conjunction with two modules that turned it into a true smart clock of the time. If it wasn’t for the size…

The Seiko watch was fitted with a with a dot-matrix LCD display total resolution of 50 x 28, and in addition to your timer and alarm provided the ability to be coupled to two additional modules that Seiko put on the market.

A great watch smart… in every way

The first, the Seiko UC-2100 (in the image that heads the article), was dated “circuit of transmission” making keyboard data is provided to the clock by induction. That allowed things like writing notes and then store them in the clock.

Going beyond the Seiko UC-2200, an accessory of larger size in which included a larger (with these traditional rubbery teclitas) keyboard, a thermal printer, the space for a 26K ROM memory and a flip-up stand to support the clock and place it as a laptop screen.

The surprising thing about est module was that you among other things It offered the ability to program in BASIC directly with a key that triggered that way. Although the module could function with three AAA batteries, the ideal was plug it into an outlet, especially if one used the printer. Memory ROM included even a small game of horse racing, and it was possible to transfer it via the transmission circuit to clock to play it without the keyboard. The problem: or had the game loaded in memory of the clock (4K), or the shopping list that you picked point. You could not store both at the same time.

A scandal, especially taking into account that set Seiko marketed as the Wrist Information System (“bracelet information system”) it cost $ 300 of 1984, current $675. And yet, there are who recovered to continue taking advantage of it, as evidenced by this user manual (PDF) unofficial that tried to explain how to make this particular phone Options smart clock.