Smartwatches Distract Drivers More Than Smartphones

Smartwatches distract drivers more than smartphones

Everyone knows the reasons why authorities prohibit the use of mobile devices while driving. This is a golden rule for all drivers.

But this rule may soon change and see another category of devices added. Smartwatches will be next on the list and for the same reason.

A study from the Transport Research Laboratory in the UK has shown that these new devices are even worse than smartphones.

Even though many drivers ignore the rule prohibiting the use of smartphones while driving, it is a well-accepted idea that this use has negative effects and that it reduces response times.

But if it was already proven that in the case of smartphones these times are extended, due to the distraction, there was still no study that associated the use of smartwatches to problems in driving.

But according to the Clothingexpress, a new study by the  Transport Research Laboratory in the UK has shown that these new devices like Huawei smartwatch are even worse than smartphones.

The data obtained from this study showed that the response times of users are higher than those obtained with the use of smartphones and without any type of equipment.

The test results that resulted from the study show that the response time with the use of a smartwatch is three times higher than in a normal situation. Times of 2.52 seconds versus 0.9 seconds were obtained. In case of using a smartwatch this time is 1.85 seconds.

The Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) in Wokingham, Berks showed that a driver reading a message on an Apple Watch would take 2.52 seconds to react to an emergency maneuver, whereas a driver talking to another passenger would react in 0.9 seconds. Reading on an Apple Watch was even found to be more distracting than using a handheld mobile (1.85 second delay).

Despite being revealed by the Huffington Post newspaper that the tests were carried out using Apple Watch, in fact other models than Apple’s smartwatch were used.

The conclusions that this study revealed are obvious to most users of these types of equipment, but they have now become apparent and detailed to all those who eventually doubted their reality.

It should not be strange that very soon there will be changes to the existing laws prohibiting the use of mobile devices while driving, and smartwatches will be included.