Smartwatch for Up to 16.650 Euro

The Swiss luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer has unveiled its new Smartwatch. The modular watch comes with Android wear 2.0 and can be configured as desired. However, the watch with a price of 1,600 euros for the base model is not a bargain.

Luxury Smartwatch:Tag Heuer’s new connected modular 45

There’s a new Smartwatch from the House of Tag Heuer:the Swiss watch manufacturer has two events – California and Switzerland – his new Smartwatch Tag Heuer Connected modular 45 presented. As the name implies, the hardware of this clever watch discretion is configurable. The Smartwatch with Android wear 2.0 is available immediately in the online store, Tag-Heuer stores and at select retailers. The cheapest model costs 1,600 euros, with all upgrades, the clock costs up to proud 16.650 euros.

High-quality materials for modular Watch:connected modularly from titanium, ceramics and Rosé gold

Of course used Tag Heuer for the new Smartwatch exclusively luxurious materials such as titanium, ceramics and Rosé gold. But also the other hardware can let themselves see: so an Intel Z34XX processor pushes about in the connected modular 45. Although the manufacturer does not provide details to the RAM, but at least we know that the Smartwatch has the standard 4 GB memory space. Moreover the clock with Wi-Fi b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.1 and NFC. As battery life, Tag Heuer specifies a day when ‘normal exploitation’. The watch case should be waterproof, also the integrated microphone to communicate with the Google Wizard can withstand the water up to 50 meters.

Companion app: iOS version is “coming soon”

Thanks to the new Android wear 2.0 features the Tag Heuer Connected is modular 45 with iPhones compatible. There are however no suitable companion app. In this case perhaps but also not bad would be:then, iPhone users have still some time to save on the clock.