Smartwatch For Children: Big Mama Is Watching

A dream for helicopter parents: The Korean manufacturer SKTelecom has unveiled its new Smartwatch for children. The wearable is T kids phone JooN and should be available in September in Germany.

Smartwatch for children:SOS call, positioning more

Your child can Smartwatch either wear a classic watch on your wrist or on a chain around the neck. Special feature: The gadget connects the net via 3 G and is thus independent of a Smartphone online. The parents keep your child by means of the JooNBox app in the eye. This is installed on the Smartphone of parents and lets them monitor the child in real time. Should something happen to the child, it alerts the parents via the SOS button integrated in the wearable. They not only know where their offspring, but can also call the child.

Smartwatch for children:soon in Germany?

CHIP, the manufacturer confirmed that currently SKTelecom plant also mark the launch in Germany. Currently, the company in this regard talk of Telekom. SKTelecom targeting a launch in September – just in time for back to school.  (jfm)