Semester Abroad in RSU

In this report I will report on my very winding path to studying medicine and at the end I will also formulate a conclusion in which I will write my opinion on the subject for whom studying medicine abroad is suitable and for whom not.

Way to study:

I graduated from high school in 2017 and didn’t really have a plan as to what would be a possible course of study for me. That’s why I first did a federal voluntary service with the DRK in the rescue service. This was the right decision in every respect. That’s how I met my girlfriend and discovered my interest in the medical field. I can recommend a BFD in the ambulance service to anyone who is unsure whether the medical field is something for them. During the paramedic training there, you learn whether you can measure blood, body fluids and the death of patients. After the BFD, it was clear to me that I wanted to study medicine. However, due to my high school diploma, I had no chance of getting a place at helps free of charge when applying to a few universities abroad.


So I got in touch with Collage Contact and everything went very quickly from then on. MicroEDU accompanied and supported me from the first moment to the first day of study. For that I wanted to say thank you very much again. You get a list of the documents you need to have for your application. For example, there are also two letters of recommendation, which you can easily have your former school teachers issue you, and I also think a letter of recommendation from any existing hospital internship is also quite good. Then, relatively soon, in August, the RSU received an acceptance and I decided to live in the RSU dormitory, which I think was built last year.  According to AbbreviationFinder, RSU is the abbreviation of Riga Stradins University.


First of all, I stayed in the RSU’s newly built dormitory for a few months. It’s newly decorated and it has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that you are 5 minutes away from the university, which is where you have to go most often in the first two years. You quickly meet fellow students, there is a free gym and towels and sheets are changed weekly. A clear negative point is that there are limited visiting hours and unfortunately my girlfriend was not allowed to stay in my room, for example, and we therefore had to book an extra room for it, there is no stove and the internet connection depends very much on where the room is. However, it is very suitable for the first accommodation. If you want to look around for a place to stay in the city center, you should definitely read the rental agreement carefully and pay particular attention to the ancillary costs (these can shoot up very high in the cold months)!


The course begins with an introductory week, which is very nicely designed by the university, but is more something for people who like to celebrate, which I clearly do not belong to, but there is also something here for those who are not so enthusiastic about partying, such as laser tag, a trip to a palace or a sports day, which for me was clearly the highlight of the introductory week.

In my opinion, the course is very good. It’s still very school, but I don’t see that as a negative point, because you don’t have to worry about a lot yourself. However, many courses are compulsory here, which can sometimes be annoying. The professors here speak understandable English and it is an advantage that there are no native speakers, as the pace of the lectures is pleasant. The professors are always open to questions and you usually get an answer to the emails very quickly. You also have Latvian lessons here, which are clearly an additional burden, but are also feasible and understandable. I heard and can confirm after the first semester that the lessons have been good so far.

On the subject of sports in Riga. This is not so easy, as there is of course a lot in Latvian, such as the whole university sport, but with a little effort you will surely find something here, because in my opinion you need something to relax after a long day of study.

Riga has a nice old town, a beautiful national library and many nice little parks, but unfortunately no forest floor. If you have a bit of time, you can get to Juramala within half an hour, where you will find a beautiful beach. If you drive in the other direction, you can find a larger park within an hour, where concerts are held, you can go for a walk, and you can even go running.


This below is my opinion and of course everyone has to decide for themselves whether they really want to study medicine abroad. This is just a train of thought from me about the decision-making process.

In my opinion, studying here at the university is well suited for people who clearly want to study medicine and who have been willing to travel in the past, as it feels completely different when abroad, away from family, friends and girlfriend / Friend to study. Especially when you have a girlfriend / boyfriend, you should think carefully about whether it is really worth it to you, since studying is not cheap and it is also a distance to Germany. However, in my opinion, a long-distance relationship is still feasible if you put enough effort into it, since you can skype and fly to Germany over the weekend (the flights Fortunately, they don’t cost very much and there are also many flights from Riga to Germany) and there are also semester breaks that you can spend with your girlfriend / boyfriend and family. So I think that it is feasible (friends of mine have also made it), but it is definitely not easy either, but what is easy in life. When it comes to choosing a degree, you should be clear that it is a very time-consuming degree, but it is also a lot of fun if you are interested in the medical direction (the professors always try to introduce pathology into the theoretical classes) and of course you also have a little free time, just not very much.

If you want to apply for a medical degree at RSU in Latvia, I definitely recommend applying through MicroEDU, as they help you a lot and the advice is completely free. In addition, you have to consider a lot when applying and MicroEDU has many years of experience and is always happy to help you, even during your studies, in my experience. I wish you the best of luck with the application process!

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