Scosche MyTrek, a Wrist Strap for Measuring Heart Rate on The IPhone

There is still summer ahead and many continue taking advantage of to get some exercise. The most professional in that run by the park or the beach tend to take an uncomfortable band on the chest that measures your heart rate and sends them to a wrist watch.

A company called Scosche cases and accessories for products Apple has created a so-called gossip MyTrek. It’s one wrist band adaptable to the arm with a small sensor that registers our keystrokes and sends them to the iPod Touch or iPhone.

The data are received by a called application MyTrek incorporating numerous functions. Including calculates calories burned, pulse, distance, or time. The data are saved and we can check our progress on the calendar. The software is also in charge of tell us what level of pulses must maintain to burn calories without leaving is we heart by mouth.

Finally, the Scosche Mytrek incorporates a physical checks very simple to manage iPhone music playback from the device. The MyTrek is powered by a battery with 5 hours of autonomy It is charged via USB cable. Its price, that Yes, it is rather high: $130.