Samsung Orbis: Round Smartwatch Answer At Moto 360

Samsung’s gear family is supposed to get growth. Round growth: under the code name “Orbis”, the South Korean electronics giant to Moto 360 and LG working Gwatch R – and this may be a counterpart to the digital Crown set the Apple Watchto a competitor for the round Smartwatches.
Motorola’s Moto 360 and the LG have done it G watch R, now also Samsung should do a round Smartwatch on the market. That announced the usually well informed blog SamMobile in an exclusive report, but without to reveal where the information is provided. For this, the report cites the spade a spade: “Orbis” to mean the first round gear Smartwatch and run under the product code “SM-R720”.
Like its predecessors the device shall not set again on Android wear as the operating system, but on Samsung’s preferred alternative Tizen. According to the report,Samsung plans to introduce the new Smartwatch at Mobile World Congress – perhaps Yes with the new smartphone flagship Galaxy S6 – which will take place in Barcelona from March 2 to 5.
But also getting time, Samsung
Plans for a Smartwatch with round case are Samsung latest since derAnk├╝ndigungMoto 360 said, which brought many praise manufacturer Motorola style simple design – whether the device will respond to this, you can check in our test to the Moto 360. Since then 2 neo, gear live, and gear S has brought four new Smartwatches on the market Samsung with 2 gear and gear, but all of them with square displays – although a suitable patent emerged in may 2014. Now the rumors appear at last a device to manifest. A different Samsung patent describes an additional control in addition to the touchscreen, namely a rotating ring around the dial, the similar might work as the digital Crown of the Apple Watch, however.