Samsung May Be Preparing Its Own Smartwatch, Galaxy Altius

Opens again the table of bets on new releases of the Mobile World Congress. This time the hot topic are some mysterious screenshots leaked from an internal Samsung Forum.

The screens display the name of something called Samsung Galaxy Altius in a perfectly square format of 500 x 500 pixels (assuming that the images have not subsequently have rescaling). The size of the menus and other features suggest in a Smart clock As rumored recently that Apple prepares.

Some further details of these catches and a pinch of imagination lead us to suppose that the Galaxy Altius It integrates 235 MB of internal memory, which would focus to serve accessory for other more powerful device. Although similar to Android, the operating system appears in images with the name of Altius OS, suggesting an own branch of Android or even in an own software based on Java.

Finally, the SKT initials at the top seem to correspond to the Korean operator, which would indicate that the Altius enjoys its own data plan, something unlikely it was a watch. It is also possible to share the name of the operator’s smartphone or tablet with which it is paired.

Anything, in short, that we say about this new device also known as Samsung GA-7 It falls within the realm of pure speculation. Samsung is well known for not let ring without touching, so it is very possible that a smart watch within their more immediate projects. What you expect of the? Samsung Galaxy Altius?