Samsung Has Ready a Smartwatch Phone with Function, According to WSJ

If just yesterday I had rumors about a possible attachment of virtual reality of Samsung, Koreans, according to the WSJ, would also be ready to present in a few weeks, a new smartwatch. Another? But if still we are waiting for Gear 2?

Yes, but in this case would come with a special feature: worth itself thanks to the built-in phone functionality of series.

A SIM own would be the basis of this advanced clock that would run under the operating system Tizen and it would include basic functions to add to the phone, such as the extent of our heart rate, GPS, the sending of e-mail messages and the use of certain musical applications and personal messaging.

It would also be able to make photos, so it generates enough doubts about its real need in an environment dominated by the smartphone, taking into account also that it would not be a gadget little or much less affordable.