Samsung Confirms That It Enters The Race for Smart Clock

The Smart clock It looms as the next gadget fashion, with permission of Google goggles. The relationship between technology, geeks and watches comes from afar.

Samsung has confirmed on Bloomberg, through a statement from Lee Young Hee, that they take quite some time working hard in a smart watch, who is considered as one of the devices of the future.

The first signs of the so-called Samsung Altius began following a few screen shots less than a month ago, but now comes confirmation from the company. It’s not because we have not advised.

And what can we expect from a “smart” clock? As ideas that leave us to those who are already on the market are focused first on interaction with mobile phone, which does not see separated at first, being element to manage notices, notifications and messages, as well as extra features related to maps.

And with the I quantified booming include pedometer is not something that is going to be accessory but core functionality. In addition, it will not take much. Surely for this 2013 already see the first smart clocks of the major players in the market. Apple seems that it would be one of the first, and Samsung would not want to be too outdone this time in a business that promises to be very profitable for those who dare to take the first – and serious – step.

By the way, the cover image is not a concept but a real product, but at that like to go as well?