Re-Building Informs Employees That Apple Watch Is Launching “In Spring”

Angela Ahrendts, Vice President at Apple and maximum responsible of its stores, has spoken with employees in a video message where reviewed the agenda that will have in the coming months. And certainly not missed the Apple Watch, What It will launch “in the spring” According to the Executive:

[…] Right now we are in a marathon, and we will not stop, right? We are going into the holiday season, to the Chinese new year, and then we have the launch of a new clock spring. As well that I would simply say that you stop a second and respiréis hondo, and that ye can give you account that all customers with whom you speak and I know that you know this, but you’re too busy, each client with whom you speak, how you assure that you will go shop feeling different, more positive, that when they came and talked to you?

At the moment, what we knew was that Apple Watch would launch “early” 2015. Now Ahrendts said that it would be “in the spring”. Spring officially begins at the end of March, so maybe it’s because those dates when we see a release at least in the United States.

Anyway, and recalling the delay that had to apply to OS X Leopard to make hollow to the launch of the first iPhone, does not rule out some kind of delay that would allow squeeze out this diffuse ‘spring’ as date of sale of the Apple Watch. Perhaps I go of pessimistic, but must keep in mind that spring lasts until June. We will see if there is no other obstacle that hinders the production of watch and so we can enjoy it as soon as possible.