Powerwatch: The Smartwatch That Carries With Body Heat

As much sales and opinions indicate, smartwatches have come to stay. They will probably have to be reinvented, but this is a winning concept and it will not go away.

One of the main changes that will have to exist in these equipments is the improvement of the battery life. If many have this problem, PowerWatch has emerged now, which does not require any loading, because it feeds on users’ body heat.

PowerWatch can surpass the largest of today’s smartwatch limitations. Unlike all other watches, which require larger and larger batteries to give access to all the features, it only needs to be used to generate the energy needed to work.

Created by Matrix, it uses thermoelectric technology to convert users’ body heat into electrical energy it uses to work.This is based on the temperature difference between the heat source and the device and all the technology needed to achieve it has been miniaturized. PowerWatch is also a proof of concept for later this technology to be used in other devices.

Whenever it is not being used, and without access to its power source, the PowerWatch turns off and uses an internal battery to keep user data stored.

This is not a smartwatch that is rich in writingles, but it manages to ensure the most basic and necessary. In addition to the normal clock faces, it also has synchronism with the smartphone (Android or iOS), and user data can be synchronized and stored.

Smartphone alerts and notifications are missing out, something many people expect from a smartwatch. This decision allows you to save energy and thus ensure that PowerWatch complies.

Where PowerWatch excels is in monitoring calories and exercising. Thanks to its power generation technology you can accurately determine all these values, not depending on heart rate and movement to calculate the information.

PowerWatch creators have a running crowdfunding campaign on the Indiegogo  website, which is about to hit the target value, just 48 hours after its release. The price of PowerWatch will be 170 dollars and is expected to hit the market by July next year.

Its creators expect a lot from this new watch and, in particular, the technology they are developing. This may be the solution to many energy problems in the future and this will be the first step towards creating more efficient equipment that gets the energy you need from a source that is inexhaustible.