Polar Wants to Be Not Suspended in the Smartwatch Race

A senior staff member of the US Marketing Division of polar spoke to the magazine of wearable and betrayed, how we don’t hang out in the Smartwatch race would like to accept.

The special thing about Stan Brajer is that he has worked previously for Garmin and Timex. He brings a lot of experience so and now takes care of the sales and marketing at polar in the United States.

Polar is long on the market and has long been for many the first point, when it comes to “Wearables” for fitness training.

The market is so Brajer saidin the last three to five years become much more competitive. Especially companies that have no tradition in the market, would have made the competition. That have advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, more attention comes to the product. On the other hand, the Market watershed and the customer is confused.

Not much change

According to Brajer, polar must change only slightly to its current products. There is already an outstanding technology. You must sell themselves but to the customer as a fitness brand and do not attempt everything to everyone want to be.

With the polar M600, the company has the first own Android- wear-released Smartwatch. This uses the optical pulse detection. The company found out that she is the measurement with a chest strap in nothing. It also provides GPS and the well known Polar products “smart coaching”. The M600 is the first product of a long line of products that will help to distinguish so Brajer itself from the competition.