Phuket, Thailand

According to Best-medical-schools, Phuket is amazing. Despite the fact that it is considered one of the most respectable resorts in Thailand, where families with children rush to relax, “ping-pong games” from go-go girls are practiced here no less than in the “mecca of debauchery” Pattaya. The main thing on this picturesque island is to find a place for yourself, otherwise there is a risk of never falling in love with this country. For example, Patong is suitable for revelers and revelers, people come here not so much for swimming (the beaches are so-so), but for entertainment, sometimes of a frankly sexual nature. A completely different picture on Kamala Beach is an exceptional idyll of nature and man, where everyone who is tired of the hustle and bustle finds rest and peace. Active-minded vacationers, and indeed young people, can recommend Karon Beach: there are parties at the level, and surf can be mastered. In general, there are many beaches in Phuket, and each has its own character, the best ones are on the west coast. Ideally, you need to rent a scooter and personally visit everywhere in order to form your own opinion. The capital is Phuket City.

How to get to Phuket

The tourist history of Phuket began relatively recently, about 50 years ago. But during this time, travelers from all over the world fell in love with the tropical island so much that the Thai government tried to make every effort and provide all possible routes for tourists to advance.

The title of the main gate of the resort has long been attached to the airport, located in the north of the island. Further north, Phuket is connected to the mainland by the parallel bridges Sarasin and Thepkrasattri. The first one has long become a pedestrian one, being one of the symbols and sights of the province, but the second one provides a reliable road connection with the mainland. And, of course, the island cannot live without sea routes. There are no major trading ports in Phuket, giant cruise ships rarely pass by, but by ferry you can get not only to the nearest islands, but also, for example, to another Thai resort – the province of Krabi.

Read more about all the possible ways and roads to the treasured island on the page ” How to get to Phuket “.

Phuket Transport

Phuket is a large and embossed island. It is good to walk along it within the limits of your hotel and the nearest beach with restaurants and massage parlors. If you want to get to know the nature and culture of the province closer, then you can’t do without transport. You will learn more about all the ways to get around the island on the Transport in Phuket page.

Communication and Wi-Fi

The demand for Phuket has a positive effect on the local infrastructure and services. There are practically no problems with communication or Internet access on the island, the network is lost only in mountainous areas and on remote islands. Moreover, we advise you to purchase a local SIM card immediately upon arrival, they are distributed to tourists arriving at the resort by representatives of the largest Thai telecom operators. Easy to understand, easy to use and inexpensive.

Many hotels and condominiums in Phuket offer their guests free Wi-Fi, and if you are unlucky, you should just look for a cafe in the neighborhood with a network access point for customers. About all the intricacies of modern communication on the island, as well as local mail – read on the page ” Internet and communication in Phuket “.

Phuket Hotels

Phuket is democratic. Do not believe those who call it an exceptionally expensive resort. There are always hotels for every taste and income: a free villa with a chic garden, a private pool and sea views, a solid three-star hotel or a guesthouse with a bed and a window for 350 THB on the most cheerful street of the island. It is important to understand not only how much you will have to part with when renting a hotel for your vacation, but also where to stay in Phuket.

Phuket beaches

It so happened historically that when talking about the beaches of Phuket, visitors mean certain areas of the island. From the point of view of geography and toponymy, this is not always and not entirely correct. But it is understandable.

It is easier to explain to new friends on a sea excursion that you live in Surin, and not in the Cheung Tha Le area of ​​the Tha Lang district. Yes, and it is better for a taxi driver to give a clear and distinct beach-oriented address, and not try to reproduce the authentic names of streets and districts in Thai, which no Thai will understand. Otherwise, he smiles, nods and takes him to the other end of the island. We have collected all the most popular beaches of the resort on one page – read, choose and decide on the place of your future deployment: ” Phuket Areas “.

Diving in Phuket

Phuket is a real stronghold of diving in Thailand. Dozens of schools, dive centers, specialized shops and rental offices are scattered along the coast of the island, in the water area of ​​​​the resort town and nearby areas there are a lot of sites for divers of various levels – from pros to completely green beginners. Here you can go through initial training and discover the incredible world of underwater wonders, “pump” your specialization and improve your level, or go on a multi-day safari tour in the Andaman Sea. Discover Phuket Diving !

What to bring

Phuket is one of those mystical places where you need to go with a huge suitcase, even if it will be lonely dangling swimsuits, a hat, flip flops, shorts and a few light shirts. After all, a few days before the return trip, you will have to pretty much rack your brains over the question – what to give up, what to eat on the spot, and what to try to take away on your own. Spices, spices, souvenirs, art objects, healing pills and magic oils – let’s try to answer the eternal question ” What to bring from Phuket “.

What to try

Every province in Thailand is famous for its desserts and sweets, and Phuket is no exception. It is categorically impossible to remember their names, just try and enjoy. The best place for such a tasting is a Sunday fair in the center of Phuket Town or festive events there. Read more in the article about cafes and restaurants in Phuket.

Phuket cafes and restaurants

The continuous flow of tourists from all over the world has done its job – now it’s easier than ever to find a cafe or restaurant with native and familiar Russian (Italian, Japanese, European-grilled – choose the right one) cuisine on the menu. But going to an exotic country and eating dumplings with borscht there is a real bad manners. After all, here a whole world of new, unknown and tasty is open to the gourmet traveler. You just need to decide where to eat in Phuket.

Entertainment and attractions in Phuket

No matter how distant and secluded bounty islands like the Maldives attract, the more affordable and budget-friendly Phuket has a clear and undeniable advantage over them – there really is something to do here. Moreover, it is so busy that neither a standard 2-week vacation, nor a month-long break to the fullest is enough. It remains only to decide how to spend precious days and have time to get acquainted with the different facets of the resort and all its attractions. This task can be safely divided into two parts – contemplative-passive, as well as violent, cheerful and active. Read more on the pages ” What to see in Phuket “, ” Things to do in Phuket ” and ” Things to do in Phuket ” (a pool of tips from our author, who lived in Thailand for a year).

10 things to do in Phuket

  1. Climb on foot to the top of Monkey Hill and resist the provocations of monkeys.
  2. Overeat weird sweets at Towne’s Sunday Fair.
  3. Talk to the head monk at Big Buddha Templeand leave enlightened with a good luck string on your wrist.
  4. Try to reach the landing plane at Mai Khao beach.
  5. Get lost in a purely Thai SuperChip warehouse mall, find a pharmacy-supermarket there and stock up on local healing potions for three generations to come.
  6. Refuse the advice of guidebooks and make your own top five beaches on the island.
  7. Count in steps all the segments of one of the floating plastic piers on Koh Sir and sunbathe on its very edge.
  8. During an excursion to the islands,take a seat on the very bow of a speed boat and courageously expose your face to the sea wind and salt spray.
  9. Watch the movie “The Beach” and then stop by the On-On Hotel and sit at the bar while waiting for DiCaprio.
  10. Check out the myth of the incredible Thai massage. Give him a chance at another salon. And then in another.

Phuket for kids

Thais love children, and Phuket has enough interesting and fascinating places that young travelers will surely enjoy. There is a water park, excellent gently sloping beaches with a long entrance to the sea and warm clear water, an entertaining aquarium, impudent tailed monkeys, theme parks and many other sources of fun and adventure. The main thing is not to make a mistake with the place of residence. The section ” Phuket with children ” will tell about all the intricacies of rest on the island with a child.


There are only two seasons on the island – the rainy season (from May to October) and the hot season (November-April). The rainy season is real tropical downpours for several hours a day, the rest of the time the sun shines. The wettest month is September, and the best time to relax is the period from November to February, when the temperature ranges from +22 to +34 °C.

Phuket, Thailand