Oregon Graduate Schools

A Graduate School is an education institution that offers graduate degrees, including Master and Doctorate degrees. This page lists all accredited graduate schools in the state of Oregon that provide full-time or part-time graduate education leading to a postgraduate degree. Note: according to AbbreviationFinder, OR is the two-letter abbreviation of Oregon.

George Fox College
414 North Meridian
Newberg, OR 97132
(503) 538-8383,ext.2260 or (800) 631-0921

Lewis & Clark College
Graduate School Admissions
0615 S.W. Palatine Hill Road
Portland, OR 97219-7899
(503) 768-7700

Oregon Graduate Institute Of
Science and Technology
P.O. Box 91000
Portland, OR 97291-1000
(503) 690-1121

Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331
(541) 737-3201

Pacific University
2043 College Way
Forest Grove, OR 97116
(800) 933-9308

Portland State University
P.O. Box. 751
Portland, OR 97207-0751
(503) 725-3511

Southern Oregon State College
Ashland, OR 97520
(541) 552-6203

University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-1217
(541) 346-3201

University of Portland
5000 North Willamette Boulevard
Portland, OR 97203 5798
(800) 227-4568

Western Oregon State College
345 North Monmouth Avenue
Monmouth, OR 97361
(503) 838-8492

Oregon State Overview

The origin of the name “Oregon” cannot be determined exactly. The first written mention can be found in a document written in 1765 by the English Major Robert Rogers, in which reference is made to a river with the Indian name “Ouragon”. Historians say that Oregon was most likely named after the Columbia River , which itself was named “Oregon,” which is French for “hurricane.” Others believe the name came from a mapmaker’s mistake in the 1700s. There is talk of “Ouisconsink”, the Wisconsin River.

Oregon has a very diverse landscape with scenic coastlines, the Cascade Mountains, which are part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, a volcanic chain on the Pacific Ocean, lush forests, and the high desert areas in the east of the state, where deserts, prairies, and rangelands meet alternate.

Many Native American tribes, including the Bannock, Chasta, Chinook, Kalapuya, Klamath, Molalla, Nez Perce, Takelma, and Umpqua, lived in what is now Oregon by the 16th century. James Cook explored the country on his quest for the “Northwest Passage” (to China). Forts were built, companies like the Pacific Fur Company (1811) established outposts.

During the War of 1812 between the United States of America and Great Britain, the British gained control of all Pacific Fur Company posts. In the 1818 treaty, both parties were given equal rights to the region west of the Rocky Mountains.

In 1843, the first official government was installed, which lasted until its annexation by the United States.

At the same time, the Oregon Trail, one of North America’s major east-west routes, brought many new American settlers to Oregon from the east.

The Oregon Territory was established in 1848. Oregon became the 33rd state to join the Union on February 14, 1859.

In the 1850s, the construction of the railroad greatly facilitated the marketing of lumber and wheat, and initiated rapid urban growth. As one of the top four hazelnut-growing regions in the world, Oregon produces 96% of the United States’ hazelnuts.

Before Prohibition (1919-1933), when the manufacture, transportation, and sale of alcoholic beverages in the United States was banned by the 18th Amendment, Oregon was an important wine producing region. By the early 1960’s, wine making was commercialized and growing over the years it has become an important industry in the country. With over 300 wineries, Oregon ranked third in the United States. Because of the similar climate and soil conditions, there is the same variety as in the French wine-growing regions of Burgundy and Alsace.

In the north-east region mainly Waizen is grown, there are also many farms raising cattle and sheep. Other notable agricultural products include dairy products, eggs and poultry.

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Geographical location

Oregon is located on the Pacific Coast of the western United States of America between Washington State to the north and California to the south. Nevada is to the southeast and borders Idaho to the east.

Capital city: Salem
Largest metropolis: Portland
Nickname: Beaver State
Motto: Alis volat propriis
(lat.) She flies with her own wings