NO. 1 G6: Cheap Smartwatch with Round Display Announced

While we currently still with us the NO. 1 G5 deal as part of a test, the Chinese manufacturer has already introduced a new model. The NO. 1 G6 has among other things a round display and will be published probably at an affordable price.

At the new NO. 1 G6 is a cheap Smartwatch, whose round 1.2 inch large screen with 240 x 240 pixels resolves. It is powered by the well-known MediaTek MT2502 dual-core SoC, which should be sufficient for the preinstalled proprietary operating system. This offers a small selection of various Watchfaces, a remote function for the camera of smartphones connected via Bluetooth and can display the notifications.

Integrated fitness functions

Like already the NO. 1 G5 is also the NO. 1 G6 with some integrated fitness features come along. It includes, among other things, the steps taken, records the sleep, and also an improved heart rate sensor is on board. The battery life should be thanks to the installed 380 mAh rechargeable batteries last at least two days.

The NO. 1 G6, which relatively thin fails thickness with a 9.9 mm, will come in two different versions on the market. There will be paired with black and blue rubber bracelets to buy the steel casing in the colors silver and black. A price was not announced, but relatively low-cost U.S.$ 35 are in the room.