NO.1 G6: Cheap China Smartwatch in the Test

After I me this summer the NO.1 G5 closer to could see the Chinese company sent me also the successor of the affordable Smartwatch. Whether my Kritkpunkte have been fixed and how the NO. 1 G6 in the test has cut off, lest you in the following lines.

Processing and design

Came the NO. 1 G5 therefore still quite solid and was clearly too big on my narrow wrists, tells me the design of the NO. 1 G6 clearer tend to. Their stainless steel enclosure makes a beautiful impression optically with the shiny polished bezel and never suggests that the price of the wearables is only about 30 euro. Processing has high quality and also the mineral glass on the display protected this as with the predecessor already well from scratches.

The NO is available. 1 G6 with two kinds of bracelets. There would be a sports bracelet made of plastic, whose stitching integrated optics personally not too much to say, and on the other hand, a relatively cheap metal bracelet. Both models can thereby adjust to the width of the own wrist, where this happens when first using a buckle, while allowing the second bracelet to remove individual elements of metal. This is unfortunately, given too much room, one which is why the metal bracelet despite removing some modules was unfortunately still slightly too big. Thus, I tested the clock above all with the TPU bracelet, which made a relatively comfortable impression on the arm.

Fitness tracking

Since it is the NO. 1 G6 is primarily to a Smartwach, not quite as extensive fall out like at a wearable specialised the fitness tracking capabilities. So it is only possible to count the last steps, with the clock what unfortunately manually must be activated after every reboot. Also the data are not very accurate – a Fitbit batch 2 showed, for example, only 8,000 steps, were there with the NO. 1 G6 to 10,000th fault is probably a ungenauerer sensor, which has been coupled with a less strict algorithm.

Also the built-up forth frequency sensor is not on the level of more expensive fitness Tracker, was compared with the NO. 1 G5 but clearly improved. So, now at least inaccurate measurements be made maximum used in everyday life as a guide. Because no permanent record is possible, such only through the menu of the watch can be triggered, the use in everyday life should be finally relatively rare.

Sleep tracking

NO draws not only the steps of the wearer. 1 G6 on the quality of sleep can be captured using the Smartwatch. Thereby, into a deep and easy sleep hours sleep and provides reasonably usable results. Compared with other Smartwatches and fitness trackers that the values of the clock appear not too accurate and apply only for perfect, long-lasting sleep is striking however. It gets up in the morning for a few minutes and then again lies down, the second bedroom is usually, for example, no longer being recorded.

The most wearables offer a function to wake up their vehicle into a light sleep, this is the NO. 1 G6 unfortunately not possible. For this, at least alarms can be set via the built-in alarm clock app, which reliably pull one from sleep. That is possible, inter alia, that the Smartwatch has a built-in speaker that is likely to demonstrate effect in contrast to a vibration motor even for deep sleepers.


Da NO.. 1 in the field of software no real changes to the NO. 1 G5 has made, may I advise published and linked above test of the previous model you for a more complete statement to my summer. So, it’s still a pity that the Chinese put on a proprietary software solution, its usability is not very good. Although feels the NO. 1 G6 in everyday life a little faster on what could also be due to an improved touch panel, the software must give up but also all firmwares employed on fitness trackers.

The limited selection of Watchfaces – five in number, and of which not a single nice-, many nonsensical apps (Calculator, contacts, etc.) and not particularly well implemented notification functions can be called as main points of criticism. The latter displays while a notifications to 10 missed, this one must be selected but always only once, to see their content. It would be much more practical if in case of an incoming notification this would be shown directly.

Participate in the software Berereich If NO. 1 for a long time little moves and one announced on my demand, that you don’t have permission, to make Smartwatches with Android wear my hopes for improvement should hardly be met. Really bad because the software just muddies the rather positive image of wearables.


Could us the battery of NO. 1 G5 not quite convince, the same also applies to the NO. 1 G6. With a maturity of no more than 2 days, one moves here below the average, which is quite a shame especially in face of limited functionality. Of course’s is for right, you often have to charge his Smartwatch as a fitness Tracker, you then but at least every other night on the sleep tracking, what one of the few meaningful features of the NO. 1 G6 is.

And else?

  • The Bluetooth connection with your phone was in the NO. 1 G6 significantly more stable than its predecessor and had no dropouts
  • Still, the Smartphone app “Fundo Wear” is one of the worst of its kind. Actually many more conclusions from the data recorded may be possible, an implementation of further features apparently does not take place for some time but


Without a doubt has NO.. 1 in the NO. 1 G6 at some points was improved and surpassed its predecessor. I had good so this to complain about, as in all areas of the not so chunky and handsome design like this time, for example, significantly better and also the heart rate sensor is better managed. However, above all the defective software covers the whole package to be evaluated in the light of the price as well.

Take the NO. 1 G6 now buy at the price of 25-40 euro? You should play with the idea to use the wearable, permanently as a Smartwatch I would discourage you from – the software at the moment is too bad. Want her, however, once try out whether a Smartwatch would be something for you, you will be rewarded with the NO. 1 G6 a good test object which will make not a bad figure on your arm.