New Michael Kors Watches Carry Inspirations Navy

The style variants Navy stormed the catwalks and promise to be hit for the summer 2016, including accessories like watches. In line with this trend, Michael Kors presents several options with blue dial, uniting the classic to versatile without loosing sophistication.

Five amazing models can integrate from a look more behaved until a more stripped. All combinations of box, hoop and Steel Bracelet, with Navy Blue Dial:

Lexington Mk6206/4an

The model MK6206/4AN features box, hoop and gold Steel Bracelet, a watch loaded with elegance. The display brings calendar, Chronograph and details on Roman numerals, with beautiful contrast between the blue background and the refinement of the metal. Has water resistance up to 10 ATM and exudes grandeur.

Ryland Mk6195/5an

The silver and gold in the merged bezel and bracelet in steel, adds lightness to the model MK6195/5AN, that can be used in various combinations. Is multi function, has water resistance up to 5 ATM, and aspires to be a play Joker.

Lexington Mk8412/5an

The MK8412/5AN is an accessory complete with sophisticated design. The box, hoop and Steel Bracelet, with details in silver and rose gold. The touch bezel ‘ wavy ‘ highlights the chronograph dial with calendar attached, combining classic and modern elements. Water-resistant to 10 ATM.

Brinkley Mk6205/5an

The crystals surrounding the MK6205 display/5AN enhance the details of the clock. The set mixes the grandeur of steel in silver and rose gold, plus the Navy Blue from the bottom of the display, in a mixture of strength and delicacy. The chronograph counters add functionality and appeal to the sports model, water-resistant to 5 ATM.

Parker Mk6117/1an

Loaded with crystals, the MK6205/5AN is the perfect composition between bracelet, box and frame in steel. All in silver, the accessory exudes glamour thanks to the contrast with the deep blue background display, emphasized by the brilliance of crystals that are sometimes of hours. Water-resistant to 10 ATM, the model also features Chronograph and calendar markers.