My Alpha, Bracelet Watch That End with Heart Rate Monitor Chest

Clocks to measure the beats often come accompanied by an accessory that many find uncomfortable, the band to place on the chest that actually is the device that performs the electrocardiogram and sends its data to the watch.

At the beginning of last year came to Crowdfunding Kickstarter page called clockwork My Alpha that he claimed to be able to measure your heart rate without accessories. Device doubled the required amount of $100,000 and today it is a commercial product that is offered from your own website.

The trick of the My Alpha is that not used electrodes to measure the heart rate, but a system of Green LED that light up and measure the fluctuations in the volume of blood in the veins doll. The system seems to be as accurate as the electrocardiograms of.

The device is very simple. Your screen monochrome LED displays time or keystrokes. Two buttons are used to set the heart rate limits and their corresponding alarms. The device integrates Bluetooth to connect to IOS or Android smartphones and supports the sports applications Runkeeper, Endomondo, Xtrail and Wahoo.

The battery of the My Alpha is using load MicroUSB and it lasts two weeks depending on the use we give. Its price is of $199 and, for the moment, sold only in USA and Canada.