Moto Play & Style and Bike 360-First Contact!

We’ve seen 3 of the dozens of brands that were present at the IFA in Berlin, and today we’ll talk about the last time we had the opportunity to visit and that surprised by the positive, the Motorola!
Starting with the clock, the Bike 360, this new generation has 3 different models, while last year there was only 1 , which shows that Motorola heard the opinion of the users.

Firstly, the 46 mmversion, is the same size as the previous, but has a little more side button above and the docking system of the smart bracelet or smart watch is also different, which in addition to being more like a normal watch, it’s even easier to change the bracelet, approaching Apple’s clock, and is a bigger threat since now the Android Wear is compatible with the iPhone.

Now we have 3 different models of the Bike 360

The battery is also higher, which coupled with the new processor, faster and more efficient, is to wait a few more hours of battery life and a more fluid user experience. And the screen has a higher resolution, which translates into a slightly better image quality, however, is still not completely round, since below has the brightness sensor, which is really useful and according to Motorola, the watch body would have to be significantly greater to achieve such a perfectly circular screen, and so chose to leave as in previous model What shocks me personally, and as a user diary of Bike 360, I can say that get used quickly and does a lot of confusion.

There is then a template a bit smaller than 42 mmin all identical to the greater, except on the battery that is smaller, but the brand ensures that meet a similar autonomy, and the bracelet is 2 mm thinner.

And finally the female version, distinguished by having a further thin bracelet 16 mm, and here there’s a lot of variety, and it shows the brand’s effort to increase the range of options of this device that above all, it’s an accessory, and that’s why you have to be beautiful and match our style.

All models are water resistant, as in the previous generation and keep the glass scratch resistant Gorilla Glass, which as we have seen is not as good as Sapphire, which incidentally, was chosen by Huawei on your watch, which competes directly with this Bike.

We still know that at the end of the year will be launched a summer Sport, this Motorola, and now little more is known except that it has GPS, and more of it as soon as we know.

Moto X Play and Moto X Style

Turning to phones, we know the 2 new top of the range: the Moto X Play and the X Style.

The Moto X Style is a great phone, in all aspects. It has a 5.7-inch screen, with Quad HD resolution, a very fast processor, big drums, sound in front and 21 MP, that Motorola claims to be the best on the market, and we will confirm the analysis, when it is available in Portugal. And additionally has the rounded shape back, easier to handle, as the Bike G 3rd generation, that we tested recently and that is an excellent phone. And for the back cover lots of colors and sizes that we choose, to become more personal. And it should further be noted that this model is resistant to rain and it is not advisable to use the pool.

And finally, the Moto X Play, which is slightly smaller, with 5.5 inches and Full HD resolution, and has a slightly slower processor. However has a massive battery, which is supposed to hold several days of use, and we want to put it to the test when we analyze shortly. In addition, sharing the same State-of-the-art camera and tam

And these are the news from Motorola to 2015, which showed have heard our criticism last year to phones and watches, and this year is out of line with best products in terms of quality/price, that we should not forget, is the only one that ensures Android updates to their phones and is the fastest to do so after the Nexus.

And you think these improvements in Bike 360 are enough to make you buy a watch? And the phones will have sizes too big? 5.5 and 5.7 inches? What do you think?