Moto Maker For Moto 360: Motorola Smartwatch Configure on the Web

Who chose the Smartwatch Motorola 360 interested, may soon be on the Moto-maker platform a look at the different configurations. From March onwards to find the Motorola watch there and be available.

Moto 360: test all variants in the Moto maker

In the configuration tool can you together click then all variants of the Moto 360. Available options are three housing in silver, black and gold; Bracelets made of metal or leather, each in two sizes; as well as one of the eleven Watchfaces that you want to appear at the starting of the first unit.

Moto Maker:Only the Moto X Smartphone on sale

Currently, only this can be in the Moto maker Moto X (2nd Gen) adjust according to your own preferences. Smartphone, you can customize the front and back, choose decorations and hull, and on request order also an engraving. You can also directly order the Moto X – at the Moto 360 you have to Dodge currently still on online shops. You will find the best offers in our price comparison.  (cm)