Michael Kors Watches Tortoise In Texture And Ivory Are The Most Sold Brand

Real fever among women, especially in Brazil, the American fashion designer accessories Michael Kors in turtle texture and ivory conquered your place as classics of contemporary fashion.

Always clean design, highlighting the Chronographs have won the sympathy of Brazil by the versatility to compose a variety of looks without giving up a certain personality, guaranteed by the mndose animal print that dominates the pieces.

Powerful accessories brand presence on the wrists for several seasons.

Between designer, options are:

MK5641 – all made of ivory acetate, this all-in-one has such charm the hour markers in crystals and textured hoop in tone chocolate. With date, day of the week and 24 hours;

MK5366 -with box and bracelet in texture, the model highlights Brown dial, that houses bookmarks Chronographs of minutes, seconds and 24 hours. The highlight is the rim decorated with crystals, which are also the times of hours. Have date function.

MK5216 -Entirely made of acetate with turtle texture, this piece highlights a Brown dial, that houses bookmarks Chronographs of minutes, seconds and 24 hours. To contrast with the animal print, the metal rim investing in gold. Have date function.

MK5581 -Investing in the mix between the texture and the glamour of the golden tortoise, the clock brings attention to the background light and Golden dial bezel surrounded by delicate crystals. Account with date function, markers of seconds, 1 ⁄ 2:00 and 24 hours.

The American fashion designer watches Michael Kors are distributed with exclusivity in Brazil by the Technos and marketed in watch shops and specialty stores throughout the country.


Michael Kors Tortoise Sport Watch

Michael Kors Tortoise Sport Watch

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