Michael Kors Shows the Women Smartwatch Par Excellence

It’s time, women would cry out:the designer brand Michael Kors brings its first Smartwatch on the market. Lose your nerdiges image the modern wrist watches now?
All Smartwatches in the test:Which model performs best?
More and more classic jewelry and watches labels or designer brands bring their own Smartwatches to the market – such as Michael Kors. From September 6, the new Smartwatches of the line called access should be available. Prices will start at around 400 euros.

In addition to the Golden version for women, there will be a sportier version of the male clientele. One of the two watches – probably the men variant – comes with interchangeable leather or silicone bracelets. Detailed technical specifications of the Smartwatch are not known. The patronage of Michael Kors is probably anyway more interested in design.

So CHIP Smartwatches tests

Each Smartwatch needs to be a brutal test procedure. We check the clocks on the basis of three different categories: facilities, operation and battery. Facilities included in the category most of the hardware specifications on a Smartwatch: here we clarify whether a watch water resistant and a SIM card slot is available. Also, we examine features such as pulse measurement, voice control and programmable fitness goals.

The operation is us just as important – and is just 35 percent to the overall at. Here, we examine in the CHIP test laboratory, for example, the value of a Smartwatch. The battery is scheduled at the Smartwatch test procedure as the last of the three rating categories.

It is crucial for CHIP that the propagation time measurement on all systems can take place under the same conditions. Therefore we have automated decided, every minute a test email to your phone us for a push-notification test where. More than 250,000 articles on electronics, trends & technology, including jewelry and watches, is sent on itypejob.